Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The One Where I Talk About Shoes

So I've been thinking about shoes lately.
I don't consider myself a shoe person, although evidence to the contrary seems to keep piling up.

Let's consider what I've done in the past month...
I was on the Victoria's Secret website and discovered the shoe section. I refuse to buy lingerie on the internet, but shoes are a different story.

As an aside, more than one person expressed concern with me buying shoes on the internet. "What if they don't fit?" they asked. I found that to be an odd question. I am a size 9. I've never had a size 9 shoe not fit. I wish jeans worked the same way.
Tell me darling readers, do your shoes sizes vary??

Anyhow, these are the boots I bought from
Skechers black stretchy, and Colin Stuart black & grey suede. (Is C0lin Stuart a decent shoe brand?)

Btw- those legs? Totally not mine.

Ahem, so then my Dad and step mom told me that they were going to Minneapolis. With a stop in Albertville! Now for those of you not from around here, you may not understand the beauty of Albertville. Yeah, it's an outlet village. And you know what it has? A Sketchers store!

Yeah. I love me some Sketchers. I discovered the Skechers outlet last summer and never looked back. So I went onto the Skecher's website and wrote out a list of all the shoes I liked for my parents. I had pretty low expectations. I assumed that everything on the website would be new and everything at the outlet would be like last year's model. I gave the parents a $100.00 limit and sent them on their way.

I was SO wrong. I got 3 pairs of shoes for $90.00. The cost on the website? $55.00 each! That's a savings of $75.00 kiddies!

Wanna see what I got?? Yeah, like you have a choice in the matter:

So it kind of freaks me out. I mean 3 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots in one month? What's up with that? So my solemn oath? No more shoes for 6 months.

The problem? I kind of need new winter boots. And I saw some adorable ones the other day with cute little pom poms....
I live in Canada though. It's like sooo necessary...

PS Oh Oh! Guess what!? My Dear Anon has been converted. Please go show her some love at her new blog: Tales From a Bitter Server.


Ali said...

I LOVE Skechers...I love boots...I love shoes...I am so damn jealous!

Oh, but I wear size 9! And I love you!

*cough, hint, cough, cough*

phishez said...

That little wedge is SO CUTE!

I love shoes.

And I love savings too.

Glamourpuss said...

Shoes are good therapy and you'll always have feet so what's the harm?


Princess of the Universe said...

Ali- perhaps we should schedule a shoe swap sometime?

Phish - yeah, the whole thing is pretty damn awesome.

Puss- I'm liking your logic...


server extraordanare said...

You are a shoe person, that is why when we go shopping you take pics...

Im going to need your help in pimping out my blog space.... Please!!!!!!!!
Oh and to answer you ?????? I always have to try shoes on, sometimes Im an 8.5 or a 9 depending on the shoe

Anonymous said...

I say "no more shoes" at least once a month.

MissE said...

I wish I could be a shoe person... but I have:
a) size 11-12 feet
b) a high instep
c) a wide foot
d) big ankles
e) big calves

all these things mean that finding shoes that fit me is a major pain in the arse (and foot on occasion) which then means that I have a bit of a hate on for shoe shopping.

I love the shoes you bought BTW. I wish I could wear those boots. *sigh*

I say you go buy some new boots and if anyone gives you grief tell them you're acting as the shoe-proxy for a poor shoe-deprived Aussie woman with foot issues. ;o)

Jen said...

Thou shalt never limit thy shoe buying. Ever.


I've ordered shoes from VS before and I ordered a size 9. They were too big - I so hope yours fit!

James said...

Hetero Male viewpoint: I like the grey suede ones best. I need a small Japanese woman wearing nothing else but those walking up and down my back.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

It's BOOT SEASON! Oh how I love boot season. Not that I need any new boots.. but NEED is such an ugly word. I prefer "want".

I saw the most adorable (albeit totally WRONG) pair of high heeled boots at DSW the other day. They were...get this.. Timberlands! Yep.. high heeled Timberland ankle boots. I was in love and yet slightly disturbed... all at the same time! :D

Agent Elle said...

Hey, c'mon! Winter = new shoes!

Those shoes are all gorgeous, but the second pair especially so. WANT! :D

Chief Rock Chef said...

I never thought it would happen, but I just did a post about shoes...

Hope you are OK, you seem a bit quiet.

All Mod Cons said...

I'm liking the black and grey ones, not entirely convinced about the boots though. Mind you, I'm kinda particular about my boots...ermm...*cough cough*

Princess Extraordinaire said...

As a self-described shoe addict I totally applaud your purchases! Cute!

Madison Lush said...

Love the boots... wish my legs looked like that too!

Z said...

LOVE all the shoes! And I, too, have been on a shoe-buying splurge lately - um, 4 pairs of cute ballet flats in under two weeks? 2 of them silver? Yeah. ;)

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