Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Little Princess...

I haven't seen nearly as many Father's Day posts this year as I saw Mother's Day posts.
And the couple that I've seen have actually been criticisms of their father's behaviour.
Reading those make me realize how truly blessed I am to have the Father that I do.

I am, and always have been a Daddy's girl. In fact the first purse that my Mother ever gave me when I was about 4 or 5 said in big bold letters "Daddy's Little Girl."

My Dad is one of the quiet, old-fashioned types. He speaks common sense, he will come over anytime to fix something for me, and believes very strongly in right and wrong. He is the voice in my head, and is probably the main reason that I always try so hard to be fair and just.

I don't think he quite knew what to do with a little girl once my mother died. I was only 11 years old, and still had quite a bit of growing and learning to do. He tried his best, but I have to admit, I didn't really become a girly girl until the past few years. Before then I was still trying to find my way when it comes to proper clothes and etiquette etc in certain situations.

But he taught me about utensils "start on the outside and work your way in." He bought me my first car, and attempted to teach me to drive ("It's OK dear, I'll just hammer out that little dent - maybe we'll get you a driving instructor"). He tried to show me how to skip rocks in the water, but for that I was simply a lost cause. ("You have to skip it flat across the water. No flat. You know...flat?") He still comes over unexpectedly when my Step-mom is out and takes me for ice cream.

He's the sort of kind, quiet man that everyone is fond of, and no one has a bad thing to say about. Even my step-sisters comment about how their Mother is the boss, and my "poor Father" just takes it. But he's not a pushover. He just knows to pick his battles, and is laid-back enough to not get fussed over the small things.

For him I will go to football games and curling matches and actually enjoy them. And I will even try hard to not be too annoying by constantly asking questions.

For him I will go to a Tommy Hunter concert when my step-mom is unable to go with him. And not complain!

For him I will attend my University convocation because he wants to watch me get my degree. Even though I would rather watch paint dry than sit through one of those boring ceremonies.

For him I will plan 2 massive surprise parties within 5 years for his birthday. Once with my brother, and once with my Step-mom.

There's probably not much I wouldn't do for him. He's been a good Dad, and he's earned my absolute respect. Even my brother, who has been known to be an inconsiderate jerk, would do almost the same. I can't think of anyone else in my life that I think more highly of, and consider to be a better person.

So Happy Father's Day Daddy. And no, I'm not going to get you nothing because I have no job. That would be silly- why would I give up the opportunity to gift wrap something for you?



Nance said...

It's a lovely tribute. And I can tell that he feels loved, too. This isn't something he doesn't know every single day. How wonderful for him.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I love your Dad!!!

great post!!!

Glamourpuss said...

How wonderful. You deserve such a man for a father.


Shana-Marie said...

Such a wonderful post.

My brothers once tried to teach me to skip rocks too, I still haven't mastered it either.

Prunella Jones said...

What a cute dad! It was lovely of you to give him such a nice tribute. I envy you.

I contacted my own dad last through a seance since he is deceased. He said he was doing fine and that Hell is lovely this time of year. He always did enjoy the heat.

Jess said...

This is so sweet. It seems like so many people have issues with their fathers, and it's nice to know that some people don't.

Chief Rock Chef said...

He sounds like a great guy - and a sensible guy! If the wife wants to be in charge a man should let her - if he resists he is in for a lifetime of arguments.

He is also lucky to have a great daughter like you - cherish your wonderful relationship.

the princess said...

that's just beautiful. i'm so glad that you have that kind of respect and love for him. i love reading what he taught you as well. yay! that just makes me feel nice in my heart girl!

mr_g said...

That was really touching. Makes me miss my folks that much more this time of year. Nicely put!

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