Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It...

I am the responsible friend. The smart and reliable one.

Last night, I agreed to go to a fairly tame staggette for someone I didn't know at all.

We went to the spa, then for cheesecake, then to Sex & the City.

My friend E had called me a few days before to ask if I wanted to join her, as someone had cancelled out, but they still had the spa appointment booked. I was reluctant to go to some random staggette, but apparently the bride had very few friends in the city, so I agreed to be an extra body. There were 5 of us there. E brought me as a date, and the maid of honour brought another girlfriend as a date. So 2 out of the 5 had never set eyes on the bride before. Kind of amusing.

Well, amusing if you're me. Maybe not if you're the friendless bride.

However, she was charming and welcomed me with open arms to her last weekend out as a single girl.

Midway through my pedicure the song "I Kissed a Girl" came on. This led me to discuss the post that I read earlier that day on Mindy's blog related to that song. I think you all should head on over there and respond to her poll. Do you think it's cheating? I got a variety of responses from the girls (including the estheticians).

In the midst of the evening, the maid of honour (E's best friend who I see quite regularly when with E) asked why we don't get together more often, as we always have a great time when we do.

Ahhh, warms the cockles of my reliable little heart. Someone considers me to be the fun friend! Even E pointed out the other day that me and my friends are so fun to hang out with. Finally- I'm not just the responsible, considerate person to invite along! I'm fun! Yay!

And E did make a point of thanking me, not only for feeding her sushi while her nails were getting done, but for coming along at all. Hmmm- spa, cheesecake and a girly movie? Wow- that sounds like an awful night. You'd better pay me to come along E!

Now I don't think that I will end up becoming BFF's with the bride or anything, but it was a good time. I'm glad that I went, rather than staying home and seeing what kind of virtual parties were happening on Second Life last night.

However, the one distressing part of last night? The part that makes me question my self-proclaimed girliness?

I discovered that I don't really like Cosmos. I feel like a traitor to my entire gender now.


PS- I will send a prize to the first person who guesses which feet are mine in the photo above!


Anonymous said...

second fron the lsft.. the one with the toe ring on it...
am I right????
well am I???

I dont like cosmos either, it might have to do with the cranberry juice. Thats why that one night when we did martinis I made them with pineapple!!!!

Anonymous said...

holy crap, I cant type... Sorry for all the errors. Hope you can still read it LOL
Nick again

All Mod Cons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
All Mod Cons said...

Changed my mind, I reckon it's far right.

I'm still sticking with my belief that Cosmos was a book. It wasn't great. Maybe I should've drunk it instead.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I think you are the 3rd one in from the left...
Red toes.. Very bold... : )

AmyTree said...

Second from the left? (I don't really like Cosmos either...)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Second from the left.

What are Cosmos?

Z said...

Since no one else has guessed it yet, second from the right?

And that sounds like a lovely night! :) As for the Cosmos, I can take 'em or leave 'em... Carrie and Co, I am not!

Glamourpuss said...

Cosmopolitans are overrated - Dry Martinis are where it's at.


mr_g said...

Cosmos? Is that show still on PBS since Carl Sagan died?

And I'd have to guess 2nd from left as well.

Anonymous said...

Cosmos are kind of over-rated I think!

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