Sunday, May 03, 2009

Do Overs

So if you love me at all and have either friended me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter (and if you don't, why don't you??) then you know I've been all sicky this weekend. So, I've alternated between feeling sorry for myself on the couch, and feeling sorry for myself in bed.

My one consolation this weekend? TV movies. Yeah. I'm awesome.

13 Going on 30 was one of those movies on this weekend, and since it's easily one of the best films ever made (second only to Sydney White), I watch it whenever I can. As always, whenever it reaches that scene when Jennifer Garner's character asks her Mom what she would "do over" it gets me thinking. What would I do over?

I actually feel rather fortunate that there isn't one immediate answer that leaps to mind - there isn't one huge thing that I've done that has tormented me daily.

One might have guessed that it would have been about my last job. Lord knows I've complained about it enough. But no, I don't regret what I learned there, and I certainly wouldn't go back and not take it if I had that chance.

Or perhpas, one might think that I might change some of my romantic relationships. Like some decisions I made with my former almost-fiancé? But no, not that either. While being 34 and single isn't the coolest status that a girl can have, it's also not the worst by far.

So what would I change? Or am I the pefect example of a life lived without regrets? Ah, to be that content with my existence and the choices I've made. Alals, that's not the case. Perhaps if I spend hours considering the question, I'll come up with a difference answer- something more profound - but for now I can think of only 2 things that I would do over.

One is very recent- just this year in fact. I posted something on this blog that caused me to lose two people who I considered to be friends. I suppose if I had that to do over, I would choose to not post, or at least word it differently.

And the other thing? Well, this fits into the stupidest thing I've ever done category. And though I was only 17 at the time, I definitely know better and should have made so many different decisions. As much as I go on about what a goody goody I am on here, I have to say- it's not always a bad thing. For the most part, it keeps you out of trouble, and from writing posts like this 17 years later.

What was it? Well, long story short- it involves someone that I wasn't even really friends with to begin with getting arrested and ending up in the remand centre. Somewhere along the way I ended up taking to him on the phone from remand, and he passed the phone along to another guy who started calling regularly, who passed it on to another guy, and eventually those guys actually were transferred to jail and the calls continued...(Even half a lifetime later, it's still painfully embarassing and upsetting enough that I don't want to write more than a brief paragrah about it)

It's actually hard to decide there just which moment I would do over. A whole rainbow of stupidity to choose from. But yeah, somewhere in there? It would have been a fantastic idea to do something differently.

Anyone want to share what you would do over?


Nat said...

Definitely there are situations I could have handled better, but nothing I would radically change.

Life is pretty good right now and well, I've got it good and know it. Maybe that's all a girl can ask for.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I have one major regret and one "well it would've been awesome but my life probably wouldn't be life if I had done that" kind of regret.

My major one?

Dating a guy simply to prove that an eighteen year old single mom can still get a boyfriend.

Because then you get sucked into a terrible terrible situation. Luckily I was smart enough and strong enough to get the hell outta that relationship before it could get worse.

Why cant' I be that girl anymore?!

Anyway, I loooooved 13 Going on 30 and I was actually thinking of that movie earlier today! LOL

Princess Pointful said...

Sometimes I wish I would have walked away from the Ex when I was first inclined to do so, years before I did. However, who knows if things would be different now... and I wouldn't want that.

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