Monday, May 11, 2009

This and That

* Blogger has scheduled an outage for 2AM on Wednesday. That is a normal time to do site maintenance. I'm not as huge a twitterer as some, but oddly last week, I had something I needed to check on there and it was MOST inconvenient that they decided to do maintenance from 2PM - 5PM. What were they thinking exactly?

* Yesterday was Mother's Day. I don't always acknowledge my Step-Mom, but since I actually saw her yesterday, it seemed appropriate to buy her a card. Mother's Day as a rule doesn't really affect me much (most years I forget about it until I see all the advertising that week). But this year it was kind of sad for me. Sometimes my adopted Moms just aren't enough and I really wish that I had someone to cuddle up and cry or laugh with.

* Saw Wolverine with My Dear Anon on Saturday. I liked it, but I kind of left unsatisfied. I was surprised when I looked at the time and realized how short the movie was. Sometimes, Hugh and Ryan without a shirt just isn't enough. I wanted...more...

* Got together with the family this weekend and pooled together all our Disney photos. I have close to 200 photos on a DVD now. I need to sort out which ones make the cut for printing- I want to get a collage from and put it up...somewhere...

* The photos made me a bit sad too. (Self indulgent point here). I really have let myself go in the past few years. I hated all the photos of myself. I really need to sort out some sort of losing weight regime. If I'm at the point where I don't even want to go out anymore, cause I feel fat and ugly? Well then there's a problem.

* Friday was the finale of Dollhouse. I liked the show. But I won't be surprised if they cancel it. I was impressed with how they did the finale- it tied up loose ends, so the series could end, but left enough open that it could also pick up again next season.

* This Thursday is the one year anniversary of the day I left my last job. That probably means that it's time for me to move on. I so wish that I could speak with my old boss just once. I don't think she understands, and I would really like to make peace with her. That and the fact that I really would like to know how she's doing. But those are my issues, and I don't have the right to thrust them onto her. It sucks when you're over something, and then suddenly that something shows up and forces you to address it again - probably best if I just schedule my own therapy sessions for this.

* I haven't been sleeping well. To the point where I've actually considered phoning the Disney resort where I stayed and asking them what kind of mattresses they use. That was the last time I got a decent night's sleep. Although it's probable that the sleep was more due to the fact that I was on holiday than any magical properties in the bed.

Have a great week lovies!

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Nat said...

Well doll, you forgot something incredibly important season final of Supernatural. Also how hot was Jensen in the last episode...

(yes, I am rather lamely trying to get your mind off the heavy stuff.)
Been feeling a bit off myself today.

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