Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apparently Bon Jovi is Coming to Winnipeg Too...

So apparently when I only write a post every week or two, you get a bunch of "this is my life right now" kinda posts. Aren't you all delighted?

Apparently you also get a post with not one, but two photos of me in a tank top and sweats/yoga pants. Kinda makes it all worthwhile doesn't it?

These two photos are a progress report on the weight loss update. So far I am at 31 pounds down. That pile of clothes? All the clothes that I can no longer wear because they are now too big. Like falling off me too big. I love clothes shopping, but I will be really happy once I settle on a size and stay put for a while. So, I now look like this (with a less flashy face normally). Not too bad. According to the WW site, I have 34 pounds to go before I'm at the top level of my healthy weight range. We'll see how it goes. I should be there by March or April.

(Please note how beautifully made my bed is...not).

This photo? Is the scarf that I just spent entirely too much money on this past weekend. But isn't it pretty? I don't even want to tell you what it cost. It's actually embarrassing. I mean it's a scarf.
In other news, I am going to Halifax next week for work. Anyone ever been? Any place I should see? Do I have any readers in Halifax who wanna meet?

Ok, love you all.
And just to tantalize you - I have an exciting co-post coming up sometime soon with Ali where we show off our artsy side! Stay tuned!



Rock Chef said...

Wow, congrats on the weight loss! You are looking GREAT (even with the flash hiding your face!) You should be really proud of yourself!

Looking forward to seeing your work with Ali - are you ever going to do a vblog together? Or do I have to do one where I pretend to be the two of you?

Nat said...


There is a bar called the Black Crowe (I think) which is usually hopping. But really the entire downtown core is a blast. I had a fabulous (if a touch expensive meal) at a restaurant called Sweet Basil...

You know I've never done the Keats brewery tour... keep meaning too...

I realize of course, that losing 30 pounds and I've given you food and drink recommendations... ooops.

Did I mention to bring flats? Halifax is hilly.

Anonymous said...

So I'm this lurker who adores reading your blog but never quite comments. Until today that is - you mentioned Halifax!! :) I used to live there for nearly 3 years - and yes, Black Crow is a great bar :) My last memory of the place is a blur because huge vats of tequila was imbibed... ;-) Places to check out in or near downtown:

* Halifax Public gardens (not sure if it's open this time of the year, but it's pretty!)
* Doull's - only the best secondhand book store EVER! Anywhere!
* Maritime Museum + Harbourfront (have a beavertail! See the ships! There's an awesome icecream store nearby...)
* Citadel
* Lots of restaurant options on Argyle St, Barrington, and Spring Garden road (include Opa!, FireSide)
* Pizza corner (you can't miss it!) - do have a slice of Donair pizza - mmm mmm good!

ok, i should stop now!

~ Sim (

Princess Pointful said...

Congratulations on all your hard work!!
And I'm jealous-- I love the east coast. Unfortunately, I only spent a few days in Halifax, and can't remember what I did for the life of me. I did go on a dinner Harbour cruise through the really ritzy area of town- I'd recommend that.

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