Monday, November 09, 2009


So I went to Halifax this past week. If you follow me on facebook (and if you don't, why don't you?) you've kinda heard all about it.

The trip was for a work conference, and it was truly both educational (no pun intended) and exhausting. AND I will say that I learned a few things about myself and humanity in general on this trip, which I suppose should mean that I should look back on it as a success.

So, here are a few tidbits that I came back to Winnipeg knowing:

1. I know that life is supposed to be a journey and all, but when it comes to traveling - I'm ALL about the destination.
There is truly no part of traveling that I really enjoy. From sitting in airports for hours, to feeling cramped in airplane seats, to having my head feeling positively explosive from the pressure, to the 70 squillion dollars they charge for a pillow or bag of peanuts to the delays. I really do wish we could teleport everywhere.

2. People like to drink.
There was a lot of wine passed around at this conference, and aside from the fact that it's a lot of calories, I was not at all tempted. I've just never really been a drinker, especially not wine. I prefer it to be of the pink, ultra-sweet (translation: not at all classy) variety. But I saw most people taking a few glasses each of what was passed around. I would be reluctant to have more than a glass at a work function, since I have the alcohol tolerance of a field mouse, but no one else seemed to have those concerns. I was impressed with how many bottles and glasses I saw outside in the hotel room hallway too. Clearly, I am exceptional. (In sooo many ways).

3. Cliques exist your whole life.
Yes, it was work. Yes, it was my first conference so I couldn't be expected to know people. But wow, let's face it lovelies - even once you're out of high school, the cool crowd is still intact. Not to say that someone who was considered a "loser" in high school might not be part of the cool group once they hit the real world. Oh no, I have a lot of faith in that sort of transition. But the fact remains, not everyone is welcoming and friendly like you'd hope once you become adults. Just not realistic.

4. I need shinier shoes with higher heels.
I hate high heels. I know they make your legs look all sexy, but I am a spazz. I get whiny when my feet hurt, and my ankles just seem to like giving out in them. But women? Care about shoes. And I felt like an unprofessional fraud when surrounded by these goddesses who could strut around for hours in stilettos like it was nothing.

5. Conference Organizers don't seem too concerned about dietary issues.
I'm from the prairies. Seafood here is pretty expensive. I was overjoyed at the amount that was served this past week. But I could tell that a lot of others were not impressed with it. It's a risky thing to just assume everyone will be pleased with that option. It's not safe like chicken. Oh man did I ever eat bad/good this week. Red meat for the first time in 4 months. Cheese. Potatoes. Delish. And I'm pleased to report that I neither gained nor lost from last week. I'm OK with that.

Postcards will be coming soon for those who requested them!


Anonymous said...

I cannot stand traveling either. When I was driving from California to Florida, everyone kept suggesting I stop here and there and take in the sites. No no no, I hated driving and just wanted to get here!

So uh yeah, I hear ya on that one. :)

Anonymous said...

I can never figure out how women can wear high stilettos for long periods of time.

Nat said...

I don't mind traveling when it goes well. I love road trips in my car, because then we are (mostly) in control.

Last time I went to a conference in Halifax, I made it to exactly two sessions. Ended up late for the lobster dinner, and ended up at the casino at 2 a.m. because they had beer. It was a fun night...

Not much on the education front...

Rock Chef said...

The women in the heals - these are the ones tanking down the wine to dull the pain!

Cliques - they never go away!

The fun of travelling? Yep, love it! I like coasting along while everyone else stresses and panics... Why worry? Why rush?

Kimberley said...

I too cannot understand how women run around in stilettos - I thought I was the only one who felt that way!

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