Monday, November 30, 2009


One of my co-workers called me prissy last week. be fair: she told me not to be such a priss. Is that the same thing?

The trigger? Boots.

You see I am determined to be all adorable and trendy and one of those people who can pull off things like scarves, and flamboyant earrings and skirts with tights and boots. So I bought a skirt. And black argyle tights. And I own boots. Boots that until now I tended to wear under pants. But now? Now I had to commit. I had all the pieces, I just had to put them together and go forth into the world.

And then I freaked out. The top? Was it too tight? It had little holes cut out of the sleeves - is that trampy? And the boots. Were the heels too high? Would I look like a whore? What about the skirt? Was it the right length? There are rules about what length of skirt is worn with certain kinds of boots. In The Devil Wears Prada they say that you're not supposed to wear over the calf boots with knee length skirts! And it's a red top! And the red boots don't match exactly! Is that OK? Is it even possible to match exactly?!?

So I just wore the top. With jeans. And the boots.
And then I got to work and explained the situation to the girls.
They clucked and sighed at me. (Not with me).

Apparently it's not possible to match colours 100% when the materials are different. How could leather look precisely the same as cotton? Oh.

And why the h*ll didn't I just wear the whole bloody outfit?! Wear the skirt tomorrow Princess. And your other boots. No, the heels won't be too high.

So the next day I wore the skirt, and tights, and black, zippy, high-heeled boots. And no one called me a whore, or a tramp or even the slightest bit unprofessional-looking. They told me to stop being so prissy.

OK. Now that I have boots tackled, and am solidly working my way through scarves-what's next? Should I become a hat person maybe?


All Mod Cons said...

Hats. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm picky about boots myself because I don't ever want to look slutty. Seductive? Yes. Whorish? No.

WendyB said...

I think a near match on color is good enough. It's not like anyone will place the two items next to each other and keep glancing from one to another :-)

I was happy with the match I got here but it's definitely not exact:

cmacc said...

I too was unsure of the whole boots, leggings, skirt dealio. Then i tried it. And i loved it. I actually got compliments. So i added in flat boots and knee high socks or legwarmers. I know. Crazy. But whatever. Try it!!

Rock Chef said...

I am sure you looked wonderful.

And yes, you could definitely do hats - try them out on us if you want to, you know you can trust our opinions!

mepsipax said...

Wow, I usually wear whatever is clean. Or... clean enough. Actually I care about what I wear but since my work can be hard on clothes... not so much. Being a guy is great.

delmer said...


You've got to admit, it sounds like a step up when you consider what you were called a couple posts ago.

Anonymous said...

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Kimberley said...

I do hope you are planning on bringing those boots to come and see me - oh and then rest of the outfit too ;) Also I think scarves are wonderful but I've yet to master their usage.

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