Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Don't Have Any Dances Coming Up...

I've been a bad little Princess lately. I haven't been responding to any of the comments that you lovelies have been leaving. I do apologise, and promise to make it up to you, starting with this post!!

*Back to our regularly scheduled programming*

I was searching through some of the blogs that Google Reader recommended the other day and I came across the coolest site: Wikihow! Has anyone else ever been there? I now know how I'm spending the rest of my time at my job. And I thought I was going to be bored....

Like wikipedia, the information is submitted by regular joes. In this case, I think none of them are over the age of 14.

Obviously the first thing I was going to ask it was: How to get a boyfriend. I mean c'mon- it's a how-to site! It would tell me what I was doing wrong.

Here's what it told me to do: How to Find a New Guy

  1. Don't force yourself to get over someone. You just have to let it happen. The more you try, the harder it is. Trust me!
  2. When it happens, take a week or two and just explore. Does anyone just pop out at you?
  3. If not, just keep looking. There's nothing worse than hurrying!
  4. Day by day, you'll notice someone. I guarantee it. A guy you barely know or a best friend you've never seen as a guy. Seriously, it could be a guy you NEVER expected it being!
  5. Next, you have to show him you like him. Is there a dance coming up? Don't ask him to the dance, but when you're at the dance, ask him to slow dance a lot! He'll start to get the point.
  6. Have one of your friends call him and ask him what he thinks of you, then, have your friend tell him to consider liking you. Have your friend compliment you as if saying to the guy, "You should like her! She's pretty, smart, really nice!" (Unless you know that friend has a history of flirting with guys you like, then don't. Otherwise, she might end up getting the boy)
  7. Then, the final step, have your friend tell the guy to ask you out. Have them say "You should go out with her! You guys would make a really cute couple." And have your friend make him as you out on the phone.
  • Remember not to seem too desperate.
  • Don't be all over him, remember. At a dance, don't ask him to the dance, don't scare him. Ask him TO dance! Not TO THE dance! (If you get what I mean!)
My person? My Dear Anon? I have someone that I need you to tell to ask me out. His name is James....

Anon? Remember the rules from when we were 16: no flirting with Princess's exes, potentials or wannabe's... (true story).



MisstressM said...

You know I am jealous. Do you know why I am so jealous? Because I cant dance.

Rock Chef said...

Don't scare him, just keep asking for slow dances! Love it! When I was young there was nothing more terrifying than the SLOW DANCE!

I bet this site also says that you can't get pregnant the first time you have sex!

All Mod Cons said...

Does it say anything about getting a girlfriend that isn't leaning towards having psychopathic tendencies? That would be pretty handy.

AmyTree said...

What an awesome website!!!! Oh man, I can see the hours being wasted as we speak.
I'm so making this:

AmyTree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr zig said...

remember how I told you this website could potentially take up hours of my time? - well it has. I have learned so much... from learning to tie my shoes, to drawing a cylinder! awesome awesome stuff :) hehe

the frog princess said...

HAHAHA, this is priceless!!

For the record, my second-longest relationship ever began in the 8th grade... and I totally called and asked him out myself! (After the friend that I asked to do it for me chickened out, of course).

Oh, and misstressm, this one is just for you! How to Dance at a Middle School Dance

sid said...

LOL! So this is why I don't have a boyfriend. No one is insisting that a hot guy dates me.

sequined said...

My favorite page--how to walk on your hands--has been edited by someone with some actual knowledge, but it originally said "A good idea would be to tuck in your shirt," which I thought was the funniest advice IN THE WORLD.

Princess of the Universe said...

Misstress- all slow dancing consists of is swaying on the spot...I have faith in you!

Chef- Remind me to look up "How to Make a Baby"

AMC- Aww honey, you know I'm all yours the second you come to Canada. I promise I'm not crazy!

AmyT- I am immeidately checking out that link!

Zig- too bad your computer is down today...

Froggy- aww you're so helpful!

Sid- give me the guy's number, I'll call him up and tell him how pretty and nice you are...

Sequined- that advice can be used in so many different contexts! That's gold!


Glamourpuss said...

Hmmm, is that site like Wikipedia where anyone can upload stuff? It all seems a little complicated to me...


Princess of the Universe said...

Puss- yeah, I don't entirely understand all the ins and outs either- but it's some fabulous entertainment!

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