Thursday, April 03, 2008

Man! I Feel Like A Woman

I've heard a lot about sexism, and discrimination in the workplace etc etc.

I don't put a lot of stock in it, in my own world (this is not to negate anyone else's issues). I figure if I make less than a man, I need to negotiate better. If I get less respect than a man, I need to be a bit less sweet and laid-back, and a bit more alpha female. I prefer to take on the responsibility myself, rather than blame it on external forces. I'm a bit of a control freak that way. I can change myself, but I can't do much to change other people.

Is this about to be a feminist rant? Not even remotely.

I figure, we, as women have a WAY better gig than men do. So much so, that I have no idea why guys walk around feeling so superior all the time.

Let's take pain threshold. Sure in the movies men act all tough when they're fighting through a gunshot wound. As if a woman would put up with that! Why were you silly enough to end up in a situation like that in the first place?

You wanna see pain? I tried to explain to one of my male friends once what cramps are like. He rolled his eyes and scoffed at me when I said it was like getting stabbed in the abdomen and having the knife run back and forth across the length again and again. I could've punched him in the face.

Next I suppose he was going to tell me that women are exaggerating about the pain of childbirth right? Cause that looks like a good time.

Next let's look at aesthetics. Look at a woman. They're soft and curvy, sexy and voluptuous. Men? Yeah, some of them look OK, but should we compare sex organs? Enough said.

But men miss out in the looks department. Though most women are of course naturally beautiful the second they roll out of bed in the morning, we at least have the option to improve on that perfection if we so choose. Looking a bit pale? Nothing a bit of blush or bronzer can't fix. OMG! A blemish?! (And may I mention, what am I 14? I can't believe those things still show up once you hit adulthood) Nothing a bit of concealer won't vanish.

And look at the rainbow of dresses, skirts, halters, stilettos, blouses etc etc etc that we have to choose from. A guy wants to look pretty? A suit it is. ("What colour tie should I wear dear?")
Not to mention the fact that we can get away with looking even more adorable than men in their own clothes. I've yet to see a guy look cuter than me in one of my little dresses.

AND, the biggest tragedy of all, in my little princessy opinion. Tears.
I cry at commercials, movies, talking about my job, thinking about my Mom, when my friends have babies, at name it, I need a tissue. Men? Well, there's no crying in baseball is there? And while it may not be the most professional to cry at work when something goes awry, at least people won't look at you like you're a total freak if you happen to slip up a let a few tears escape. Men? Yeah, not so much an option.

And dirty/messy/icky jobs? Sure, I'm completely capable of: killing that bug, changing a tire, lugging that heavy box up the stairs. But would you be a dear and help me out just a wee bit with that? *flutter flutter*
Can a guy get away with that without emasculating himself?

AND, let's not forget the beautiful ability that women have to be irrational, emotional and freaky. Can we burst into tears because we broke a nail? Yes. Is it irrational? Yes- but it's our God given right to do so, so just back off there skippy!

Do we ask completely nowinnopossiblecorrectanswer to questions such as the following: Do I look fat in this? Is she prettier than me? Of course we do. And we expect the right answer. A resounding and completely convincing "NO!" And we get it.

If a man tried either of the above. Yeah, we'd laugh. In his face. And so would all his buddies too.

So men, you want to rule the world? Start wars? OK- while you're off doing that, I'll be at the spa getting a mani & pedi. Which sounds more fun and relaxing to you?



sequined said...

I feel the same way; if I'm being treated unequally, I consider it my problem rather than all of society's. And maybe there's a bit of both involved, but one I can control and one I can't.

Glamourpuss said...

"I've yet to see a guy look cuter than me in one of my little dresses."

I could introduce you to some of my drag queen friends if you like...

Hut on the whole, I agree - I like being a girl and would hate to be a bloke.


Katrin said...

We are better!
We are better!
We are better!


the princess said...

i absolutely love this post! i work with all men and sometimes I am a real bitch...but i get what I want most of the time :)

girls rock! hands down. amen sister

Anonymous said...

War was an excuse for men to escape from home and their wives !
you have point in some area but history tell us same attitude 2500 years ago slowly made women to stay at home and give the power ultimately to the men which wasn't good.was it ?

Princess of the Universe said...

Sequined - I think that attitude makes me a bit less angry at the unfairness in society.

Puss- If I'd've ended up as a guy, I most certainly would have been a gay one.

Kat- lol

Princess- thanks! :)

Anon- You know this was pretty much a tongue-in-cheek post right? :P

Jen said...

And, do not forget, we can sing Shania's "Feel like a woman" without feeling like a complete arsehat. . .

Loved this post, Princess! I, for one, am for mani's and pedi's.

All Mod Cons said...

Hmmm! Personally, I'm glad I'm a guy. We've got it SO much easier. We don't have to cook, clean, give birth to sprogs, wear bras or make-up, use irons, worry about VPL or fripples...and when we fart, it's ok because other men think it's funny and chicks don't expect anything more from us. Nice!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

HA! I love this post.

Princess of the Universe said...

Jen- I wish wish wish you lived closer- I would LOVE to do manis & pedis with you!

AMC- you don't cook or clean? I'd hate to see your flat! Full of dust & take-out boxes! :P

Chelsea- thanks! :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

You go girl!!
My husband and I have this "ongoing" thing that I wish he was more emotional and he says
"Yeah right, women like tough men, and anyways you would get tiered of me if I was always crying, emotional, and anyways.... you are emotional enough for both of us..."
And they WOULD die if they EVER had to wear heals. I mean really it make me laugh to think of men tittering around in heals..

Silverstar said...

New here, love your blog.:)
I completely agree-Women can get away with much more, which is good because we need some advantages in a male dominated society.:)

Princess Pointful said...

I love how anonymous commenters come out of the woodwork whenever anyone posts something with the semblance of controversy!!

Shana-Marie said...


I laughed, I cried, and I giggled my way through that!

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