Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Many Posts Have You Read Today about Mother's Day?

Today is Mother's Day.

My step-sister had a garage sale the day before Mother's Day once, and after I left a found a card in my purse from my Step-Mom. I still have it.

It says:

"On this day for remembering mothers, your loss must be especially painful.
Hopefully Mother's Day can be a day for you to celebrate your memories...
...and your friends and family can celebrate that part of your mother that lives on in you."

It still makes me kind of choked up. (A significant improvement over the immediate bursting into tears that it used to result in).

I have to say that I don't find Mother's Day to be as painful as I would have thought- especially knowing how sentimental and emotional I tend to be. Perhaps it's because I don't have any particular memories of any Mother's Days that I spent with my Mom. I don't remember anything specific that I did for her. I know I must have, but nothing really comes to mind.

If anything, I can just bring up the happy memories that I have of my mother, and wistfully wish that things could have been different.

  • I remember her buying me make-up in grade 5, long before me and my other friends had really even considered it.
  • I remember her learning how to read cards (not tarot, but regular playing cards) and practicing on me all the time.
  • I remember her having me wrap my own Christmas presents, and having perfect trust that I wouldn't peek inside the boxes to see what I was getting. (I didn't - I always was a little goody-goody).
  • I remember her reading stacks and stacks of Harlequin or Silhouette romance novels.
  • I remember her speaking French to me a lot, so I would learn it quicker, and so she wouldn't lose it.
  • I remember her talking about her dream to go to the Orient, and how her and I would go there together someday.
  • I remember her love of science fiction movies, and her taking me to a double-feature of Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back.

She was a good Mom who had a lot of problems. Now looking back I suspect she was suffering from depression- or perhaps even bi-polar disorder. However, I never once doubted that she absolutely adored and cherished me.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I hope you know that I'm thinking of you.



All Mod Cons said...

Lovely Lovely Post.

Anonymous said...

What a great post.

Dee said...

Princess-What I find interesting as flick through the mothers day post are how many of us have moms that had some types of larger issues that we now think of as treatable. It makes me thankful to be a woman in this age because I cant imagine the painful experience of being a woman before our generation.

It was a beautiful post. Here's to mothers everywhere--so we are what we are. Kisses!~~Dee

AmyTree said...

Now I'm all choked up..! :-) x

Glamourpuss said...

Aw, what a lovely post.


Rock Chef said...


Kali said...

This was a beautiful post. You've thoroughly depressed me though....

You've also given me inspiration for my next post.

Nice blog! I'll be back, your highness!

Princess of the Universe said...

AMC- Thanks!

Suze- thanks!

Dee- Yes, I think she had a lot of challenges that are much more understood today.

AmyT- I don't know if I should thank you, or offer a kleenex!

Puss- thanks!

Chef- Hugs back!

Kali- thanks for stopping by! I didn't mean to be depressing!

Valley Girl said...

What a beautiful post. I'm glad you still have some memories.

Jen said...

This was truly beautiful - just like you.

Your step-mom wrote such a lovely letter to you, that, even I choked up. They were precious thoughts for you and I love that she perceived it enough to share it with you as well.


Danny Escabarte said...

Hi Princess of the Universe,

PEACE and warm greetings!
You said it right. Sometimes the smallest kindness that a Mother gives tend to be forgotten easily, but when Mothers are gone...we long to cherish them again and again.

I have not greeted my Mother even once on Mother's Day because we're always at farther end. Me studying and later working away from the family.

But I cant forget what my Mother did to me. She was always there when I go home worried because I have no more money for tuition and other school expense.

At one time, I remember her tying up two heads of chicken and sell it in the market for my school allowance.

I am glad I was able to reciprocate her kindness before she died. I took care of her in the hospital and brought her home.

There are plenty of memories about my mother and i cherish them all. I thank God for giving us mothers because without them,the world is incomplete.

To Mothers out there...and also the Mothers-To-Be, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all of You!



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