Monday, November 03, 2008

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

So I was over on AMC's (AKA my blog crush) blog today, and his guest poster mentioned this site.
I strongly suggest you hop on over there and cast a vote.

Now in case you're dying to finish reading up this post before you hop on over there, I want to point out the site's opening line: November 4th 2008 the American people will choose a new president. The president of the United States of America is the most powerful person in the world.

I've been hearing that a lot lately. That the president of the US is the most important person on the planet. In fact one of my favourite bloggers wrote that very thing in a post about month ago.
If you read that post, you'll notice that in the comments I made a lot of commentary about that statement.

Now before anyone gets all up in arms, I am not one of those Canadians who like to criticize her American neighbours. Just because they forget the letter "u" in all their words doesn't make them an inherently flawed people.

It's just the sentiment that bothers me. I mean, how can one country's leader be considered the most important person on a planet? It just seems silly to me. But the site that I pulled those words from? It was created by some guys in Iceland.

If my darling Americans make that comment, I'll just think that they're expressing some national pride. But foreigners? Well, that gives me pause.

You may or may not know that Canada had an election last month. In my mind we lost.
It didn't escape me though that I saw more editorializing on Canadian, American and European blogs about the US election than there was about ours. Now, in our defense, we called and election and it was done a month and a half later. The entire world hasn't been hearing about it for two years.

But, the day of one of our debates? Well it was the same day as one of the US debates. And on the radio that morning, all I heard about was how the DJs were going to be watching the US debate rather than our own.

Now for anyone who's been on this blog for longer than- well this know that I'm all about the fluffy here. I did not watch either debate that night. Politics bore me silly. But c'mon people- we do live here. It's embarrassing to care more about the cool country below us than about what actually affects our day-to-day lives.

And no. I do not think that my PM Stephen Harper is the most important person on the planet either. My Dad is.


Ok, how about this scenario: the President? He gets elected in by the people for up to 8 years. Then no matter what, he's done.

The Queen? Yeah, she's in because of blood. And she's in for good.
The Pope? Elected in by his peers. Until he dies.

If I were to run into George W today. How would I feel? Not much. I would probably be polite- cause well, I'm Canadian and it's what we do. But it wouldn't affect my day much.

If I ran in to my PM? I'd roll my eyes.

If I were to run into the Queen? I would be bowing and sparkly and thrilled to bits. OK, yes, I'm part of the commonwealth- so she's our Queen too.

But the Pope? I'm not Catholic kids. But you'd better believe that I would maybe feel the presence of God radiating from him. And I would probably be bowing and be all calm and peaceful.

In my mind? Policiticans - NOT the most important people on the planet. All they want is power. Maybe some of them want to do good, but for the most part? I don't think so.

But perhaps I'm wrong.
Who do YOU think is the most important person on the planet?



Psychgrad said...

I've never really liked the whole "most important person" business. But, I will admit that the president of the USA has probably the most power in the world. Certainly, we're seeing the power he has to fuck the world up royally. Does that make him the most important person? I guess it depends how you define "important".

Our parliamentary system doesn't allow the PM that kind of power. Not to mention that Canada as a whole doesn't have as much influence internationally.

Madison Lush said...

I agree that the US President is probably the most powerful person, but definitely not the most important. I don't really think you can give that title to any one person. That person to me is my grandmother, and I know a lot of people would answer this question with God, but I think it's your own point of view.

the frog princess said...

I guess it all depends on your definition of power. I mean, More people worldwide would take orders from the Pope vs. George W. (including a large percentage of the American population... hell, I'd rather take orders from the Pope and I'm an agnostic!).

Then again, the Pope doesn't use the Swiss Army to go firebombing countries he doesn't like. George W., on the other hand...

Put simply, much like playground politics, the ability to instill fear (generally mingled with a great dislike) = power. And that? Oh, we have that in spades...

Karl said...

Very well said. I suppose it was more a national pride thing than anything. Power and importance definitely are not synonymous.

Chief Rock Chef said...

You of course!

I think that people are confusing "most important" with "most powerful". The fate of the world really does rest with America - if America does something big it is not just Americans that feel the consequences, good or bad.

You are right about the media focusing on the US Election - there have been a lot of big UK stories that just haven't seen the light of day because of it.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Funny.. they say that they President of the good ol' USofA is "the most important person in the world" and yet when we American travel overseas they tell us to claim we are Canadian because it's safer.

What's THAT say? ha..ha.ha..

server extraordanare said...

I actually heard one guy on the news say that they were electing the next leader of the free world... I was not thrilled with that statement. At all

Im with you on the pope, and Im not religious

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Well said!! I too do not like the "most important person" crap everyone dishes out.

And being a Canadian STUCK in the US during election time. Seeing people actually scream and fight about who they are voting for.

I am excited to be part of this election, the energy is very contagious and I am excited about the change.

James said...

Ha, good post Princess. A few years back Tony Blair who was PM at the time went on a tube train in London as a publicity stunt "to connect with ordinary people". It completely backfired... he spoke to a black English woman who was on her way to work as normal..she completely ignored him thinking he was a weirdo.
I just hope that Obama is the right man for the job...I think they (US media) are making too much of the black thing..if it REALLY is not inportant why make so much of it? Condoleeza Rice has been in an important position for years and last time I looked she was black.

James said...

PS I don't drink Coke either! I have not bought any product made by Coca Cola company for 6 years...they are killing people in Kerala India.

Princess Pointful said...

This is a wonderful post, lady :)
It is good to put things back into perspective again.

There was actually someone in my living room last night who cared enough to come over and watch the CNN results as her evening's plans, yet didn't vote on Canadian election day. Odd, hey?

SexyWhispers said...

Princess--Not the most important person in the USA, but really the most powerful because everyday decisions effect people all over the globe. See..war in Iraq. I understand your comments though because I never do quite understand the Queen. I am not sure that being born is enough to make someone important enough for anything. That is why she does not have political power. And the whole bowing thing seems pretty scary to me. Neither the Pope (King of a small country and religion segment with tons of money) nor the Queen seem worthy (forgive me if I offend--just being honest too!) for more than politeness. Now, the President of the USA...that is different because he is not powerful because 10 or 20 people gave him power. He is not powerful because his parents got together one night for a few minutes after a party and he was the result. He is powerful because millions of people spoke in one voice to ask for his leadership. In some cases, we get the lamest of results like George Bush. But, in some cases, we get leaders that will lead the world...not just their own country. I believe this election is such a case because in America we believe that you dont bow and scrap to anyone...not even the President. And--we dont need extra vowels like U in every word. *laughing* One of my favorite Aussie bloggers quickly corrected me when I said he was English because of his spellings. For me, I love the Canadians, Aussies, Americans...yes, lets teach the world to sing! ~~Dee

Glamourpuss said...

I agree with you and I also think no one person is any more important than anyone else - whatever they may think.


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