Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Do I Just Keep Telling You Everything That I'm Doing?

So you know how I said you'd never have to hear about my contest again? Yeah, I totally lied.
Cause I have to announce the winners!

Prunella de Ville! You're a winner!
PsychGrad! You too!

I need your addresses and I will send you your superultrafabulous prizes!

Moving on.

So I have this reputation with my friends of being this social butterfly. (Along with a few other things, but let's leave those rumours alone shall we?). Anyhow, in my little mind it's not true. I feel like I'm pretty hermit-like. Nothing makes me happier than getting home at 5:30 each day. Puttering around in my sweats, playing on my computer until TV starts. Going to be at 9:30 cause apparently I'm 80. Bliss.

This week?
Tonight: I went to my person's since I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks and she's due to have a baby like any second now.
Tomorrow: Remember this post? Well, since he won the comic book contest and is soon to be all famous, I thought I would catch up with him in hopes that he remembers me when he's all famous. Maybe he'll cast Jensen Ackles as Blake Undying????
Wednesday: in theory a night at home, but actually prepping for a super important scrapbooking night on Fri.
Thurs: Great Big Sea!! One of my darling ex co-workers got tickets and asked me to go. Yay! For all my foreign readers who have never heard of them. Here's a taste of the joy that is GBS.

Friday: Aforementioned scrapbooking night. Step-sister bonding. Making Christmas presents for my Dad & brother.
Saturday: D2. I haven't seen him on over a month and I must hear about his latest stalker stories. He totally has some married woman dying for him. Both painful and hilarious (well if you're me anyways).

So yeah - while this is all glorious, it's also a wee bit painful. I mean I really like my sweats. And couch. And bed by 9:30.

This is WAY tarnishing the hermit rep that I'm trying to produce to counteract the butterfly thing. What's up with that?

And what the hell is up with two posts in a row where I simply recount everything I'm doing? Ok, I promise more girly fluffiness next time. Any suggestions? Photos of my gift wrap maybe? I could talk about my hair? Brood about boys? Maybe another photo essay proving that I can cook again? I can show you how I make my gourmet tuna melt?



Lizzle-ba-Dizzle said...

Ohhh! Great Big Sea!! I'm so jealous, I'm *dying* to go, but I cannot for the life of me justify spending that much money. And no one will go with me. :( I worked security the last time they were in town, so I got to watch the entire show sitting on the steps leading up to the stage. Fabulous!

Anyway, enjoy the show! :))

Chief Rock Chef said...

I think you need to do a vblog. Otherwise I might just have to do another one where I pretend to be you...

Psychgrad said...

Yay! I won. Awesome! I'll send you my address in Facebook.

I need about 20 scrapbooking nights. I can't wait until I'm done school. I could keep myself busy scrapbooking and knitting.

Enjoy GBS. I was just listening to them on Youtube yesterday. I've only seen them once - when they played for the Bomber Kickoff (at Portage and Main).

James said...

yeah a vblog. Or a photo post of an object or place that you find interesting.
Or something about music?

James said...

Rock Chef:
If you do another erzatz Princess post make sure you shave your legs this time...

Princess in Galoshes said...

I've never even heard of Great Big Seal. Thanks for the link!

Prunella Jones said...


I'll email you my address.

Princess of the Universe said...

Lizzle: If memory serves, the last time they were here was at Pantages, right?

Chief: I don't know how, I don't have a webcam, I don't know how to edit! I want to do one, but it stresses me out! xo

PsychG- congrats! Ahh those street parties the last mayor used to do. They were fun, but way too many people for my taste.

James- I could talk about the Great Big Sea concert - good idea!

Princess G- they're fab - I think they should be your new favourite band!

Pru- awesome! Congrats!

Lizzle-ba-Dizzle said...

Yes, GBS played Pantages last time, and there were some PSYCHO obsessed fans there. I'm glad they're upgrading to MTS Centre (even though I love Pantages), I'm sure the show will be awesome!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Princess - such feeble excuses :-) Webcams are SO cheap, and there is really no need for editing - just shoot a bit of footage, save it and post it! That is all I do!

James - No, I stand by the hairy Panto look.

Nat said...

GBS!!! I am so jealous!

Hope you have a wonderful time.

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