Thursday, November 26, 2009


You know what day it is today?

November 26.

Since I am not American, that does not mean Thanksgiving to me. That means that it is ONE MONTH UNTIL BOXING DAY.

And that? Means that Christmas is less than a freakin' month away.

Within the next few weeks I must:
- Bake several dozen somethings for my Christmas baking exchange.
- Do my Christmas cards (PS If you've moved, or I don't have your address, email me - or no card for you!)
- WRAP! (Oh wait, that's a perk. Anyone in Winnipeg wanna stop by with their gifts? Wrapping is one of the few things that gives me true joy in life. They will be art when I'm done with them. Trust.)
- Shop. Ugh. I'm about halfway done.
- Decorate? In my world this means putting a bunch of ornaments in a big ass martini glass, with a few regular-sized ornamented glasses along side, and calling it a day. I don't put up a tree, so those ornaments gotta go somewhere, right?
- Rehearse with my carolling group, and pick days and neighbourhoods to visit.* (*Hahahahahahahaha! Does this actually happen in the real world, or just in Hollywood? Has anyone ever actually seen a caroller?)

Now I am excited about the Boxing Day part. Not so much because I want to put myself through that hellish shopping experience - but because I am again running out of clothes. At the moment, I have one pair of jeans and 2 pairs of work pants that actually fit properly. This is becoming problematic. I've actually started considering wearing sweats in public. And I don't have any cute Lululemon-type yoga pants - just old sweats that can be cinched at the waist.

Thank God I'm done work on December 18. That's a whole glorious week off before the BIG DAY. I do love working in education.


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I haven't done a damn thing to prep for Christmas. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Ok, for the record, I went carolling once and it was SO much fun. We dropped off flyers beforehand though, because we were collecting canned goods for Wpg Harvest. We couldn't really sing, but people were *so* excited when we came to their houses! :)

Rock Chef said...

I finish on that day too - Education Rules!

We have got a few decorations up already - I think this year is going to be a bit mad in that area (indoors only, though).

I hate wrapping, so my wife has taken to doing it in the last couple of years. Before that we used to have a massive wrapping session while I drank wine. Wrapping a cuddly toy after drinking a bottle of wine is hilarious!

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