Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drama Trauma

*Note from the Princess: this was supposed to go up on a couple of weeks ago with my guest posts, but clearly I'm a spazz and don't know how to schedule things properly! Thanks for the guest post Dee! xo

Hello…my name is Dee of SexyWhispers. I am excited to step outside of my usual body of work where I chat about women, sex, and sexuality. Welcome…to my world as “Princess for a Day…”

I often refer to the premeditated explosions and fall out caused by the people in my life as drama trauma. To me, this means the effects of all of the residual emotions and commotions surrounding a situation that may or may not represent reality. Following me? Yeah…we all know those people who wake up with the purpose of creating drama in life!

One of my favorite people always says to me, “You should only spend time with those you like.” Although it is easy to grin at the simplicity of such a statement, few people would admit that it is possible to do just that…spend time with people who make you feel stronger with their positive support.

  • How many of us love every person we work with enough to share our afternoon hours over a meal?

  • How many of us enjoy the people we meet at social gatherings like church to plan a weekend trip?

  • How many of us pick up the phone to touch someone we met at a dinner party?

Be real…after all, how many people do you really enjoy in your life? In reflection, the real answer remains in the people to share their life without sharing their drama. The sharing of a life is a real experience that reaches out for support, strength, and comfort. A unity of understanding the ties that make our experiences similar as well as a comfort with our differences….we don’t see the prettiness of a face or figure…our insight reaches for the heart and soul of a person who shares themselves with others….and builds a close knit community of friends. We all have this neighborhood…this community… this place. It is here…in our blogosphere.

  • We don’t design drama into each other’s lives. We rush to support each other with kind words and kisses of wisdom.

  • We don’t let those moments of weakness pass without gathering around to form a circle of strength reassuring everything from self-esteem to self-worth.

  • We don’t let life throw a punch at one of us without getting together to push the bully back.
In short, “we are spending time with people that we really like” when we blog together. We are getting all of the greatest benefits of friendship without the drama trauma. We call, text, and email each other through the good times and the bad times. We meet up in cities near each other to laugh, drink, eat, and shop. We blog on each other’s blogs and we write fill in posts.
Oddly enough…all of that sounds like friendship! ~~Dee


Princess of the Universe said...

Thanks so much for this post Dee! I agree 100%

James said...

Friendship for the 21st century!

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