Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ode to my Boyfriend

Hello loyal subjects of the Princess, allow me to introduce myself, I am Dear Anon!
My friends call me Nichole.

The Princess asked me to write a blog for her, at first I said no, you see I'm really not a writer - more of a creeper? Is that the right word?

Anyways the Princess had herself a royal temper tantrum, and treatend to banish me from court until I relented, so here I am!

I thought long and hard: "what shall I write about?"
Until someone said write about what you are passionate about...
Well thats easy. I'm passionate about my boyfriend

My boyfriend has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

He has seen me at my best, and worst, and still turns on for me.
He has made me laugh till I almost pee myself.
Cry till I had no tears.
He has taught me about the world and environment.
And ladies I hate to brag.. he is a nice 27 inches!!!!!
His name is Sanyo

Lately though, I have been eyeing other models.
Thinner, flatter models.
They call out to me...
"Look at me."
"Touch me."
"Turn me on...."
I am being seduced by Samsung, who has boasted to me that he is 42 inches...

What is a girl to do?

Thank you all for reading I hope you liked it!
In case you were wondering, yes my boyfriend is a TV.. dont judge!

*Note from the Princess. It really is true. She loves her bloody TV. I don't think we've ever gotten together and watched a movie at my place or anything. It's always me and her taking advantage of her boyfriend together. At least she shares.



PinkPiddyPaws said...

Oh yeah? Well my boyfriend is bigger than your boyfriend AND your wanna be boyfriend. :P That's right, my baby boasts a whopping 62 inches. Whhooooo baby! hahahahaha!

Ummm...and I mean my TV, not Ranger! (but I can brag about him too if you like!)

Chief Rock Chef said...

I have just one comment:

Lucky TV!

Jen said...

Hey Nick! I have a lover myself. I wasn't a huge lover of though until we got the 42" HD Samsung. . . my hearts a flittering! If HD is in your budget, I HIGHLY recommend it, especially seeing how much you heart your 27". The picture is like nothing else.

Do they have boyfriend addictions?

Princess of the Universe said...

I have to confess 42" is a bit intimidating to me...in ALL contexts.

Anonymous said...

Paws..... 62 inches? you lucky cat! If I had 62 inches I would never and I mean never leave my couch

Chef..... Yes my sanyo is lucky to have my full attention all night!

Jen..... That is the one I have been lusting after! I have lots of addictions, Im just not ready to admit them. LOL

Princess.....I just looked at you tags... not impressed. LOL


Jason X said...

At first I thought your boyfriend had batteries. But then you said 42 inches, and I understood. I don't think they make them 42 inches long... TVs are nice too...

Princess Pointful said...

It took me way too long to figure out it was a TV. Eek.

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