Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winnipeg Tweet-Up

Oh hi! Thanks for stopping by.
So I have a blog. And I co-planned a tweet-up.
And I'm crazy busy at work, and this time last year I had the intelligence to request guest bloggers.
Ahem. This year I didn't.

The Tweet-up. Which was intimate and awesome, and went a little something like this:

"Do you know what Twitter is?"
The bartender looked at me quizzically, trying to figure out if this was some sort of come on line that he'd never heard before.
"Uh, yeah."
"Ok, well we planned a 'tweet-up' *insert air quotes* and we're right out there."
"I'll be the one in the tiara."

I then walked away quickly; resisting the urge to run, and trying to convince myself that I had just had a completely normal conversation.

Meh. He's a bartender. No doubt he's heard much odder.

At 5:51PM My person told me to stop staring at my phone (translation: clock) as it was still early. No one was even supposed to arrive until 6:00. You know? The time I said it all started?

At least I had my person (+ husband and little one) and My Dear Anon there. Even if no one showed, at least I had company on the patio.

The patio. Where there lies an overwhelming abundance of wasps and pollen and...nature. I was feeling it for days afterwards. So unfair that I can't spend time out of doors without suffering for it later.

Anyhow, as the clock struck 6, suddenly there appeared 2 magical other attendees. Kyla- my darling co-hostess and WpgPeanut with her little girl.

At this point I feel compelled to once again thank the lovely Kyla Roma for helping me with the promotion of this event. I did a pretty slack ass job of it, and she went way above and beyond. Thanks lovey.

At this point I was pretty much content. We were chatting and happy, and new friendships were budding. Then suddenly I heard a tentative little voice ask "Twitter?"

Yes! That's us!

And suddenlt we had a party! Mammapeg arrived with her husband and daughter. And Mammapeg? Is awesome. And fun. And delightful. Trust me. You want to follow her.

We all found ourselves chatting about Nathan Filion and reality TV and my blind dating hilarity and my person's cake decorating class.

OMG. It was like a real gathering. Of people. Getting to know each other.

And then? The waitress came out and told us that our food and drinks were comped, and thanks for hosting the Tweet up at the Current Restaurant at the Inn at the Forks.

O.M.G. I just got free stuff because of an internet event I planned. I. Have. Arrived.

In all seriousness though, that was so wonderful and unexpected. I just can't thank them enough for doing that. I chose the place because of the location, and the fact that it would allow people to include their children.

Then the day of the event I noticed that the Inn at the Forks was following me on Twitter and promoting the Tweet Up.

So Winnipeggers? Go there. Eat the food- which is awesome. Enjoy the spa- which I go to regularly. Plan your wedding there - which my person did. Do it.

Anyhow, after that announcement, THEN Nenette arrived. The poor darling had a sick husband and son, so couldn't get there any sooner. Unfortunately we only stayed for another half hour or so.

And during all this, my phone kept lighting up with all the DM's from people telling me how sad they were that this or that came up which prevented them coming. We missed you all!

All in all? A lovely time. And next time? Even bigger and better right? Who's in?



harmzie said...


Next time fosho

Rock Chef said...

Glad you had a great time!

And free stuff? Even better!

Psychgrad said...

Sounds like fun. Comped food too! Excellent. I just posted about some of the food in Winnipeg earlier this week.

Faiqa said...

Free food and drinks?! You are big time.

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