Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chiquitita & Waterloo

I don't talk about K very much. This is sad really because she's one of my nearest and dearest.

Tonight she left me a message on my answering machine. (And for the record - this is directed at YOU My Dear Anon, I was in fact out.)

K had "Karma Chameleon" stuck in her head. She decided that I should have it stuck in my head too so she sang it. Not just a line or two, but quite a bit of it. I suspect she may have been disappointed if I had actually picked up the phone.

Having just returned from an advance screening of Mamma Mia! I was quite amused and enchanted by her performance. She used to do this quite often. Although her favourite answering machine song wasn't quite as well known.

One of our favourite things to do during my University era was to up each other's answering machines and leave inane messages. (hey, I never said we were clever - just amused by our own hilariousness...)

So to you my darling readers, I'm going to dedicate my darling K's favourite answering machine song. Feel free to sing it onto some one you love's machines later on: (Choose a tune)

A big black eye has my brother Jim.
Somebody threw a tomato at him.

Tomatoes can't hurt you I said with a grin.

Oh yes they can if they're still in the tin.



SpanishGoth said...

I have an uncle named Jim and you can lob tinned tomatoes at him any time. I can't protect him anymore unless I get those bionic arms I asked for....

Princess Pointful said...

I love voicemail songs! Sadly, it is only ever when I am drunk that I even think of leaving them.

Anonymous said...

marry me you impetuous sultry thing:)

lots'o love,

Dee said...

HEY!~~I want your phone number. So, I can call and song bomb your VM too. I am going to Disney...will be drunk...and I am loading my phone with numbers of friends to drunk dial. I am told I have quite a voice when I am drunk. *laughing* Thats my story and I am sticking with it! ~~Dee

Anonymous said...

can you imagine if I left a song????
I sound like scully? from the little mermaid. HAHA
Well Im glad you were out!!!!!

AmyTree said...

That's awesome. :-)

Speaking of songs, you should watch Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog (link off my page). It's another sweet Joss Wedon musical (a la Buffy) and it's wonderful - part III isn't out till this weekend, but parts 1 and II are divine!!!


mr_g said...

Now I've got Culture Club stuck in my head - thanks for the earworm!

the princess said...

that's very funny! :)

Jen said...

One of my best girl friends does this now and then, leaves me songs on my answering machine, or opens up with a song instead of hello. I love it. It always makes me laugh.

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