Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Conference!

So apparently I'm going to Toronto on September 12.

This is a Friday and I could in theory stay for the weekend if I paid for my own hotel. Otherwise my work will pay for a flight there and back in the same day.

As odd as it is, I have no people in Toronto. I have friends all over Canada, but for some reason none over there.

The thought occurs to me to stay the weekend anyways and wander around- but it just sounds kind of lonely.

What would you do?



Lizzle-ba-Dizzle said...

Oh, you should do it! Er, well, I like to travel by myself. I find it liberating; I can see what I want to see and on my own schedule. And while Toronto isn't my favourite city, there's lots to see! And think of the shopping possibilities! :D

But... that's only if you don't find the idea of traveling solo depressing and lonely.

Miss Britt said...

A weekend to wander around a fabulous foreign city alone?


no question.

(But if you REALLY need a companion, I can be bought. I'm just sayin'.)

Anonymous said...

My suggestion would be to book yourself into a nice hostel and meet other young people who are travelling. In hostels, everyone just sort of groups together and hangs out-- instant friends! I'd totally do it-- Toronto is lots of fun.


Glamourpuss said...

Oh I would stay - travelling alone is such an adventure and the best things always happen - open yourself up to possibility!


Shana-Marie said...

Well, I'm not in tornoto, but I'm pretty darned close!

I say take the weekend, there's so much going on all the time there!

And best yet, the Toronto International Film Festival wraps up that weekend too.

mr zig said...

stay the weekend... enjoy some alone time... and do a couple touristy things. Traveling by yourself is fun... cuz you can do everything when YOU want to :)

Anonymous said...

I'd stay the weekend and enjoy! Maybe one of your friends can come meet YOU in Toronto!

Jen said...

I would fly in and fly out the same day if I knew no one. I'm weird like that. I've tried to explore cities on my own and I never do well. To be fair, I've given solo travel years of chances (I used to travel loads for my corporate job) & I'd end up sitting in with a good book and ordering room service. I tried to go exploring solo and it just didn't suit me - at all.

I don't like to travel alone.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I would stay for the weekend - but I have got a friend there anyway!

I am sure you would have fun there, and who knows, by the end of the weekend you MIGHT have a friend or two there.

AmyTree said...

Ooh, I would stay! Travelling alone is quite exciting - and if it sucks you can leave! :-) xx

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