Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Backseats Aren't Just for Sex Anymore...

So who here has been in the backseat of a police car?
I have. Twice. Not in a punitive way mind you. In a giving a statement kind of way.

Bloody uncomfortable. They have these glass walls that come down between the front and back seat. I'm assuming with like bulletproof glass. Anyhow, they severely cut into your knee space. I suggest sitting cross-legged back there.

So the second time I was in that situation wasn't very interesting. I had just been hit (by "I" I mean my car, not "me") by a crazy driver who took off, but was kind enough to leave his front license plate behind. No need to call CSI really.

The first time I had to do the statement thing though was kind of shocking. Hence a moderately cool story that's semi blog-worthy.

I was about 18ish and getting a ride home from work. It was winter and pretty dark. Anyhow, we were pulling out of the parking lot, stopped to make the turn when suddenly my (passenger side) door is jerked open. By a guy. Covered. In. Blood.

He wanted us to give him a ride. Can't remember where. That might have to do with the shock of being inches away from him. You know? The Guy? Covered in blood?

Anyhow, my ride wasn't going to take him anywhere. But she did offer to go back into work (I worked at a horse race track) and call the police. He may or may not have indicated that he had been stabbed. Again. Guy. Blood. Shock. Hazy.

So we called the police and they arrive fairly quickly. But by then the guy was gone. I felt all cool giving the police my statement thinking that I would of course be kept in the loop of what happened. Was he a murdered? Was he the victim? Was he a hero? I need to know!

Yeah, I'm still waiting for the police to call me. I'm sure it's on their To Do list.

It was briefly pretty exciting though. Definitely an interesting story to tell all my peeps.

So I wanna know, do you have any interesting police car/crime stories???


Ali said...

My friend Kyle and I were once walking down the street. We were quite inebriated.
We saw the cops driving towards us, and had we been smart, we would have kept walking and been fine.
I saw them, screamed "COPS!!!" and we went running down the street before diving into a bush...that just happened to be in one of our high school teachers' front yards.
The cops were dragging us out of the bush within moments, throwing us in the back of the car and taking us to my house.
We didn't get in trouble though...I babysat both of those cops' kids - hehehehe :)

SexyWhispers said...

Ummm...all of my brushes with the police had to do with drunk, fighting parents. Gave me an interesting perspective on the abused woman syndrome / laws. Not much cool there. ~~Dee

Shana-Marie said...

The only 'interesting' encounters with the law I've had were when my step father beat someone up, and the time I was walking home with a friend.

A pair of cops stopped us and accused us of running away from home. I asked them for a ride home, because I was getting tired. I guess they believed that we weren't the runaways, because they just left us on the side of the road.

Viking said...

I must look like a terrorist. After the bombings in London in July 2005 there were police everywhere for weeks. My regular route to work took me through Clapham Junction, Waterloo, and Leicester Square stations. I shit you not, one day i got stopped at all 3 on my way in! First was fine, quick search , look in bag etc. Second i was like, ok whatever. Third time it was a bit beyond a joke! You get a little form to say you have been stopped and searched so by the third time i just handed the coppers the forms and said 'copy the details off there'. I don't mind really, safety and security and all that. It isn't like i was wearing a padded jacket with wires hanging out. Oh wait. That was my ipod...

Chief Rock Chef said...

Hm I've never done it in a car...

Anyway, I have also never been in a Police car either. I think the only time I have ever been questioned was the time I stopped to take a pee in some bushes on my way home from work one night. I am such a crim!

Z said...

Never been in a police car... So no interesting story from me :(

All Mod Cons said...

I've been stopped under those new terrorism laws too. I don't mind either, I figure they catch more people with drugs/weapons than large amounts of explosives but something is better than nothing. Which is exactly what they got when they searched my bag. Apart from a newspaper, 2 paint brushes and a bike lock. I had to look at a CCTV camera so they could take my photo too. Obviously I gave a little wave at it, just to say hi like. Got told off for that though.

the frog princess said...

I've been in the back of a police car twice. The first time to fill out a report after some jackass stole my license plate, and the second time filling out a report after some other jackass smashed a window and stole my CD changer from the trunk.

This... is why I no longer have a car in NYC.

And you're right about the knee-space. I am only 5'3" and I could barely fit my legs in there! They manage to fit a bullet-proof barrier in taxis without impinging on legroom, why can't they do the same for cop cars?

server extraordanare said...

Hmmm lets see here. I was in the back seat of a cop car with 5 other people, I had to lay across all there laps. I was the girl who kept saying this is illegal only 3 people are allowed back here.
Its a good thing I was from out of town!

Princess of the Universe said...

Ali- Yeah- screaming "cops" always makes you look totally innocent!

Sexy- I'm glad I haven't had to go through anything like that... xo

Shana - Awww, they shoulda given you a ride!

Viking- in my imagination, you TOTALLY look like a terrorist. Or a bobby. It's a toss up.

Chief- you're so evil- I can't believe they let you around children!

Z- try it sometime- it's totally uncomfortable!

AMC- I woulda waved too- what else do you do in front of a camera?

Froggy- you've had some bad luck! :(

My Dear Anon- I can't believe you weren't in the back of police cars every weekend in high school! :P

Brom said...

I've got a Police record...

.... The one with "Don't stand to close to me" on it!

James said...

no sorry no stories here either.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i can say i never had the pleasure... : )

Backpacker momma said...

My dad was a cop so I had the pleasure of a ride home from school every now and then. Nothing exciting. Though there was one trip when I was in high school but that got all cleared up. *ahem*

Princess Pointful said...

As I recently posted, I just got subpoenaed for something I witnessed at a train station. In fact, the subpoena arrived today. I'm too scared to write any details about it before things have been finished off, but I can probably tell you the details post trial date (mid-December!)

Anonymous said...

No stories..but way to go Nancy Drew:)

lots'o love,

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