Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm So Hawt

So married men seem to love me.

I've noticed this in the past with my friends' boyfriends and husbands. They seem to be on a constant quest to tell me what a fabulous girl I am. Well duh. But really? Where is this coming from?

Now before My Dear Anon gets all up in arms that I'm writing yet another "poor me I'm so single" post, that's totally NOT my point.

That was more of an intro to some kind of odd things that happened to me this past weekend. (I'm all about the essay-format people - you have to write a proper introduction).

Situation # 1:
I had to volunteer at my University all weekend cause there were 2 convocations and I suck at scheduling volunteers. Ergo: I had to do most of the work. Anyhow, one of the men who works in the Alumni Office was totally telling me all weekend how amazing I am (yesIamthankyouverymuch) and went out of his way (like waaaaayyy out of his way) to bring me a slurpee on Sunday.

Now before I get the "Princess that's like NOthing" speech - believe me - I thought so too. But when I leave early and he tells me how "I'll be thinking about you, I hope you'll be doing the same" well that raises a few flags. Weird. Dude- you're like married or dating or something...involved somehow, cause you also mentioned how devoted you are to whomever you were on the phone with all weekend...

You'll be thinking what about me exactly??

(FYI- he's a total sweetheart and I don't have anything bad to say about him- but still....)

Situation #2:
Distinguished Alumni Award Reception Saturday night. (Where I looked totally adorable, but wore my beautiful yet evil Skecher's boots - I could barely concentrate on any of the speeches or people or outfits or anything. All I could do was try not to cry from the pain. Ahh the sacrifices we make for fashion. Stupid.) Anyhow, in between holding back tears, this other volunteer from the Alumni Association kept me entertained all evening. First he offered to buy me a drink, then insisted when I initially said no. Then was I was leaving he requested that I text him football scores because he was staying for the dinner.

So when I got home I dutifully spent 10 minutes trying to find the sports channels on my TV and texted him the (incorrect as it turns out) score. It seems this gentleman bailed on the dinner and had made it home to the game before I ever sent my text.

This resulted in about 2 hours of texting back and forth. I have to admit, he is hilarious and adorable. But isn't it a bit odd to be texting a girl you barely know all night when you're all married up? I mean wouldn't the wife question that a wee bit? And before you ask- I kept it totally G-rated, as did he. So it's nothing like that.

So my point/question is- do men just like flirting with younger women simply to validate their egos? Is it just assumed that since they're married/involved that I won't read into it - cause why should I? But really- what's to prevent me from going all Fatal Attraction on them?

BTW? I'm totally not going to. I'm far too lazy ever be a stalker. I mean I'm the one who should be worshiped and adored right? Why would I waste my time on married men? Ugh - such a turn-off.

But am I wrong here? Is that not just a wee bit weird/inappropriate? Or am I just so immersed in the single-life that I'm being too harsh on some innocent flirtation amongst the other half?*

Men? Feedback?
Wives? your thoughts?

*I.e. married folks.



Random Musings Of My Life said...

Well it does seem I do get some unwanted attention BECAUSE I am married and happily at that.
Its weird about the text thing, I had a friend that was "friends" with a married man, he would cry on her shoulder tell her all the things wrong in his marriage (I KNOW totally not the same as what you are going through) men are weird. They need to know they still have it..

Jen said...

Um. . . I dunno. I mean, I think it's weird that married men are texting in that sort of context. Nothing against you of course, b/c you're fabulous (obviously!). But I think if I ever found out that the husband was doing that sort of "harmless" texting and especially if I don't know/never met her, well, my heart would hurt.

If even just a little bit. And, I would wish that I was on the receiving end of that texting.

Honestly, Princess, you are beautiful (inside and out), amazing as well as funny and even though I only know you through this here blog, you deserve the best in a man. And in turn he would deserve you.

I'm just sayin'.

sequined said...

I agree that you deserve a man who's just into you. That's an attitude I've been working on adopting of late.

And yeah, I know there was more to your post, but I have nothing profound to say about the marrieds. Not my realm of expertise.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Well I'm very happily married and I think you are great!

Princess of the Universe said...

Random- I think that's exactly it - do they still have "it"??

Jen- Ok, your comment almost made me cry. Thank you. xoxo

Seq- honestly? Not so much my realm of expertise either.

Chief- thanks - you're equally fab! xo

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Yeah, I'm going to go with "odd and probably inappropriate". But at the same time, they both have great taste for thinking that you are incredibly awesome. :)

I'm sure they are going with the "she's paying attention to us and we are lucky for that" kind of theory, but still, seems a bit awkward since they both have s/o's.

James said...

feel I should give some feedback but am not going to be much help I fear....personally I would feel that the texting thing was going over the line. I don't flirt with women unless you count blog commenting as flirting (I just think of it as communicating)...I mean I have tried to show/tell Laundry Fairy about some of my female blogpeople but she is just not interested..

Nance said...

If you "dutifully spent 10 minutes trying to find the sports channels on TV and texted him the (incorrect as it turns out) score" and then spent "about 2 hours of texting back and forth", it seems to me that you have already "wasted your time on a married man." Hmmmmm?

Princess of the Universe said...

PPP - Thanks honey- but yes- awkward all the same...

James- Yeah, I kind of figured...I'm sure it was meant innocently and all that...

Nance- Ugh, now I feel TOTALLY guilty. That is officially the closest I will ever come to inappropriate behaviour with a married man!

Princess Pointful said...

The second scenario is a *leetle* odd... it just seems like pretty strong behaviour for a new friend.

Dee said...

Well, I totally love you. So, I can see their point! Now, married men are a special creature. I think it does come down to feeling their mojo still...

Now...I would make the distinction pretty quickly between friends with a sense of humor (translation=man wanting to feel sexy) or friends with benefits (translation=man wanting to get sexy). The difference is that one move will send him running home to momma and the other will send him running for your bed! Agree with Jen...get what you deserve. I have had the screaming, crazy wife on my phone and I did not even know her hubby (The Marine used my cell to call her hubby!). It aint fun and you dont need it!

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