Friday, February 06, 2009

Ah-Sigh-ee is How You Say It

So there's this thing called Facebook. Maybe you've heard of it? I'll forgive you if you haven't, I really am on the cutting edge of all technology and social media. It's quite revolutionary really. It allows you to connect with people.

I used to have 20 zillion friends on there, from my dentist to people I went to elementary school with to clients from my last job. Then I linked to my twitter on Facebook, and I linked to my blog on Twitter and all sorts of hijinks ensued. And after that? I unposted a lot of my archives here and I unfriended 90% of my Facebook peeps.

If you're my friend on there now, you're either a) related to me b) a blogger that I trust enough to let see my uber unflattering photos or c) someone who is a really good friend and absolutely necessary to my life.

And that intro? Really has nothing to do with the point of this post at all. This post, has to do with a product review. You see in my quest for a thing (and btw, I again plateaued at 23 comments on that post - hilarious) I mentioned that I didn't think Winnipeg had anything cool enough to review. Enter the internet. (And why I mentioned Facebook in the first place) So facebook has this ad for the Acai berry. And suddenly everywhere I go, I keep seeing posters/ad/articles etc for this so-called miracle berry.

So the other day I decided to click on the ad. And it led me to this notatallfake blog by a woman named "Sarah." It seems that "Sarah" had a baby and needed to lose those last few pounds. Enter tha Acai Berry! And there's also the Easy Weightloss Tea! "Sarah" calls them the dynamic duo. (I wonder if she made that up all by herself? Maybe she should patent that phrase - I'm sure it's never been used before)

Anyhow, so I decided that this would be an excellent thing to review. I mean if it worked for "Sarah" wouldn't it work for me too?

So the instructions say that you are to have a cup of tea coupled with the berry pill twice a day. So last night I tried it for the first time while watching Supernatural (mmmm Jensen...). I was surprised. The tea wasn't so bad. It didn't actually seem to have a lot of flavour, since all I could really taste was the honey I had put in it. Thank goodness, because really, the only teas that I like are Red Rose and Almond Sunset. A green tea? Not really my.....uh....cup of tea.

Anyhow, I was pretty cheerful about my experiment until this morning. I brought a bunch of the tea to work with me, and had my second cup before the morning meeting. I didn't have any honey here, but we do have sugar packets. Not. The. Same. Must. Bring. Honey. To. Work.

Green tea? Is vile. Now in the tea's defence, it probably isn't vile in and of itself. I am just uber picky. In fact they even gave differnet recipes on how to prepare the tea (frozen tea pops anyone?) But clearly, this experiment must be run under very strict parameters. And massive dollops of honey? Probably defeats a little bit of the purpose of what the tea is supposed to accomplish. But still, as long as I keep my sugar intake for the rest of the day down to a minimum it should still work out, right? Right?!

So yes. This is kind of a half review. Obviously it will take some time to see if it wields any results worth noting. They send me a month's worth of tea and berry pills. And I also ended up with an additional bottle of berry pills, so I guess I'm taken care of for 2 months. Let's see how it goes.

Has anyone else heard/tried anything about the Acai berry? Is it really that big a deal?



WendyB said...

Yes, I've read a lot about Acai. Just sounds like the latest "magic bullet" to me. Those are always overrated.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I am so excited to see what happens... I have been wanting to try this so bad.. but it looked very gimaky...

the frog princess said...

First: check your credit card statement religiously. I clicked through to that ad out of curiosity, then googled it, and there are a bunch of people who had problems with being billed for lots more than they bargained for.

That being said, when I was in Brazil there were these frozen Acai slushies everywhere and they were *fabulous*! Unless you made the mistake of getting granola blended into it... then it kinda tasted like cardboard. The berry itself is very good for you, loaded with antioxidants, but no idea about weight loss properties.

And I love green tea, but it's definitely an acquired taste. On the other hand, I think fruity-flavoured teas are vile, so to each her own :)

Jen said...

I've got nothing for you, Princess. I am always curious to know if those diet things work or not? You'll have to update!

Do you know if people know if you "ignore" their friend requests or any other of those application things? I always wonder about that too? I mean, I've denied a few friend requests, b/c they were beastly people back then & why would I do it all over again? I just wondered if they are notified when I ignore them?

I'm off to check to see if I'm still on your list. . . . !

Becky said...

I have Acai berry body splash, does that count? It smells pretty yummy.

And I am hopelessly addicted to Facebook:)

phishez said...

I haven't tried the acai berry. But I dooo love my tea. And who cares if you don't lose weight from it. So long as you feel good at then end, that is all that really matters.

And I love that I'm still a facebook friend too! Woo me!

Nat said...

Mmmm... Jensen. Betcha he could devise a workout that would make me lose a few pounds. :)

This is the first I've heard of this. I thought you were going to say that the product had a colonic effect. I've never heard of these berries. I'm usually a bit suspicious of this sort of thing.

As an aside this week's Siren episode damn near broke my heart.

Dee said...

Tag are it! Get sexy for me! ~~Dee

Glamourpuss said...

I will ret neither acai berries or weight loss tea on principal as I have been spammed to hell and back by ads for both.


Anonymous said...

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