Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Getting a Few Things Off My Chest...

Dear Joss Whedon,

I know it was a supercool set and all, but the Dollhouse looks just a wee bit too much like Wolfram and Hart. Every time you do a scene there I keep expecting Lila or Lindsay to walk by...
Work on that kay?

Angel's biggest fan.

Dear Mr. Bus Driver,

I know that you're trying to arrive at your destination quickly, but the fact remains, it's rush hour. So gunning it, then braking quickly every few feet just results in a nauseated Princess, and doesn't get me to work any faster.
Please re-take your driving-a-bus training class.

A Gravol toting Princess

Dear ALL students wandering around my work,

Please. Watch where you're going. The world doesn't revolve around you. There ARE other people around. Next time, I'm going to bump in to you, just to prove a point. And I'll do it hard.

A struggling-to-remain-calm staff member

Dear Salon Owner,

I love you. Why oh why does there have to be a two month wait before I can get in to see you? Now that I cut my hair I have to maintain it. I can't just get one haircut a year anymore. You love me too right? Please cancel whomever you're seeing this Saturday and squeeze me in, OK? I'll bring you cookies if you do....

Your devoted client and fan

Dear Jensen Ackles,

I love you.
Or I'd like to anyways. At least for one night.
Call me.



Kyla Bea said...

lol Oh no!

Hope you sleep better, and I have a couple awesome local hairstylists up my sleeve if you get desperate!

Kyla Bea said...

*sleep better, now that this is off your chest = )

MissE said...


Dear Princess,

I've been thinking about it... and I'm willing to share Jensen with you. We should sit down and work out a schedule.

love MissE

Chief Rock Chef said...

If I get a bus to work I have to walk the last mile to avoid blowing chunks over the person in front of me!

LiLu said...

I had to stop taking the bus because the DC drivers made me ill. What IS it with that?

Princess of the Universe said...

Kyla - the problem is, I REALLY love my guy. But being the owner, it's impossible to get into him quickly!

MissE- I truly do appreciate your generosity in this matter.

Chief - Ew!!

LiLu- I sometimes suspect they're hired as drivers based on their sadistic senses of humours...

Anonymous said...

you made me laugh... good job

Becky said...

I hate having to wait for hair cuts. Especially if I never schedule them when I leave the salon. I feel that they should pencil me in when its convenient for me;)

Love your Jensen note!

Nat said...

When you two are done with Jensen maybe you could send him this way ok? I'll be playing with Jared until then.

(CW picked up Supernatural for Season 5... not that I am obsessed in the least.)

Anonymous said...

Trying to be fit in for a hair appointment is the worst!

Trackella said...

I loved your first comment...a friend of mine is working as an art director on Dollhouse, and he also worked on Angel. I'll see if I can get your message through to him! ;)

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