Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Princess's Compartments...

Thanks to everyone and their superfun suggestions in my last post. I think I will at least attempt to do all of them once.
And just to clarify, I am not lamenting my so-called lack of comments. I love my little community here, and am pretty certain that if I were one of the uber-bloggers who get 100 comments + per post, I would be totally stressed out by the responsibility of it all.

So, more than one person suggested that I write about sex.
Here goes:
I haven't had any in a couple of months.
The end.

OK. Not so interesting.

So here is the Princess's little confession. When I started my little adventure on the dating sites, and let myself have a profile in the "intimate" section, I started a whole separate blog to re-count those experiences. (In case you're curious, I met one person, twice.)

However, since I didn't have a lot to actually report, I filled in all the other posts with fluff.
I would re-post some of the "chats" I would have with some of my potential suitors. (I actually signed up for MSN specifically for this little experiment).
I posted up some of the photos they sent me (and let me clarify, no one sent me a photo of their face. I felt a little guilt over doing that, but I realize- hey, they just emailed a total stranger photos of their anatomy- c'mon!)
I would write out some very lame erotic fantasy-type stuff (although one guy did suggest I write erotica just after reading my site profile).
I talked about some of the amusing profiles that I had seen, and the ways in which these men would proposition me.

I actually found the whole thing more than a little hilarious, and had a very hard time even taking it even a little bit seriously.

But you know what? You guys who suggested that I write about sex? You're totally right. Sex does in fact sell. The blog has existed for about 3 months. And most days? I just kind of phone it in when I realize I've gone too long without posting anything. But my readership there? Triple what I have here. I have more followers, and way more hits per day. And I get like a zillion personal emails as a result.

One guy even offered to fly me to LA to meet him. (!!??)

And the people? They're actually really nice. It's a totally different community, but I've never seen anyone on those blogs say anything demeaning or unkind to each other. It's probably the reason why I haven't pulled it down since I quit with the online hook-up thing. It's hard to give up that kind of lovely support. Although I suppose I will get around to deleting it sometime soon, I'm finding it a bit more of a hassle than anything.

Now again, let me re-iterate, I am not complaining about my readership here. I just find what I have over there more than a little bit shocking, hilarious, ridiculous amazing. Imgine what I might be able to get if I actually, you know...tried?

I am a completely different person over there. It's such a specific, compartmentalized aspect of my personality. Here you get almost 100% if me. There? Just one topic.

So talking about sex on my lovely Princess blog? This is what you get:
It's been 2 months.
I miss it.

The end.


Jen said...

When I read your other post, I didn't even interpret it as a complaint from you. You weren't whining about your readership or not having comments. I read it as you wanted your blog to have a specific "something" and you asked for suggestions. I just like your blog the way it is, but having a "thing" would be cool. I hope I didn't offend you with my original comment, as it was meant as a compliment rather than a put down. You have good stuff on here - it IS you. Just you.

And I do really understand about the readership - though, like you, if I ever did get to 100+ responses it would really, really stress me out. I'm not so sure that is something I would want.

P.S. I love that you have a little bit of a wild side! A sex blog - fantastic!

Princess in Galoshes said...

You little tease!

Prunella Jones said...

You know those blogs that get a hundred plus comments? Well, it's usually because they go around to hundreds of other blogs making comments. Seriously, it's like a part time job or something. If you are into that sort of thing and have the time, then that is really all you have to do to rack up the comments.

Or else write a really scathing celebrity gossip blog ala Perez Hilton. People love those.

Prunella Jones said...

Oh yeah, or post topless pictures of yourself. That brings the blog hits like crazy. Of course, the downside is it will mostly be from horny freaks.

Princess of the Universe said...

Jen- Darling as if you could ever offend me- no worries!

Galoshes - Am I? Hmm, well I hope so...a little bit!

Pru- Yeah, I'm far too lazy for that. (Uh the comments AND posing for topless photos...on either blog!)

Alice said...

You little fun...I have thought about doing another blog like that too! How Fun

Becky said...

A sex blog?!? I knew I liked you for a reason:) And I know have visions of erotica being written about the Winchester brothers.

Chief Rock Chef said...

You miss it? Go and get some more! There is plenty out there!

Mimi Lenox said...

Now that sounds interesting indeed. Dating sites...I know a thing or two about them. You really should read my Profiles Of The Day. I think you might relate!

Going to find your other super secret sexy blog!

the frog princess said...

Now I totally want the link to your other blog :)

And in my opinion? If I guy emails a picture of his junk to a perfect stranger? All bets are off. Post at will :)

Princess of the Universe said...

Alice- it is sort of fun- until it becomes a bit of a hassle...

Becky- OMG! Why didn't I think of that!? Jensen Ackles has just become my muse...

Chief- so I noticed from that website. I think I would prefer it to be something just a wee bit more meaningful though...

Mimi- thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you find it! I don't promote it anywhere.

Froggy- if you actually want a link I might be persuaded to email it...

Dee said...

You know....when you write about sex...I am there! *smile* ~~Dee

Nat said...

Great post... just love the way you wrote it.

I am always a bit shocked when I see parts of people's intimate anatomy all over the web... kind of freaky and more than a tad freaky.

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