Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Outed Princess...

I gave into peer pressure and finally did that "25 Things About Me" thing that was floating around Facebook. The first point I made mentioned this blog. So yesterday my brother-in-law was asking me all about it.

It was actually more of a challenge than I expected to answer the question (especially in the incredulous, confused tone that he used) "so why do you have a blog?" Explaining it to someone who neither reads blogs, nor (apparently) has ever kept any form of journal or diary is more than a little bit challenging.

Though I was the one who put it out there, I didn't expect to be cornered like that. Suddenly I felt like I was doing something wrong. Like having a blog was some sort of dirty secret. And not a particularly interesting one at that. I told him to read it, and he indicated that he had been bored and done so. I have no idea how far he went. Did he read about profiles on dating sites? About how unhappy I am with my life? Well, I did it to myself right?

It was impossible to adequately explain the friends I've made, and the sense of community that exists here. I thought about mentioning the fact that I just received a bloggy Valentine in the mail a few days earlier. (Thanks Kimberli - I loved everything, especially the heart warmer hot water bottle!) but somehow I didn't think that would help anything.

And after a few minutes of explaining about link lists, and how everything in a blogger profile is clickable, which is how you can find people with similar interests the conversation began to wane. Honestly, I don't really think anyone in my family (step or blood relative) would really find me interesting enough to read regularly anyhow.

But at least now I've given myself a reason to really watch what I write. I completely understand and advocate anonymous blogs, but I don't think I should do it anymore. I have it in me to be whiny and gossipy, and I think if I know that everyone in my life might be reading this, it will prevent me from doing so. (Please note that this does not mean I'm going to be posting my address and phone number on here - although I'm becoming increasinly aware of what a stupid user name "Princess of the Universe" is - that may change...)

So yeah, any new friends and family who might now be reading this? Hi. As I mentioned, you may find out some things on here that you really didn't want to know. And as for why I do it? Ugh. Start one of your own and maybe you'll understand.



Chief Rock Chef said...

Change your name? But you can't do that! You are The Princess!

Kyla Bea said...

I'm mostly non-anonymous but I don't have my blog tied to my Facebook anymore due to internet creepers finding my whole name and being....creepy.

But it's very hard to understand blogs without having any context for them or the community that a person sees them selves as being part of.

It *may* be a bit of an ego project, but it's mine damnit!! lol

And I love the picture, you're too cute! And you have answered the "Do I know you?" question with it =)

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

You are so freakin' gorgeous! For realz!

I know what you mean about being outed. My mom knows I have online friends, she doesn't know what a blog is and I don't care to enlighten her.

I stay semi-anonymous and password the sketchy stuff for my own personal peace of mind.

You do what you feel you need to do to remain comfortable in the online world.

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