Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hey Look! A Post dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day!
I am absolutely the queen princess of originality!

Yesterday I was begging my brother to take me to Costco so I could buy some bulk allergy meds. Since I have to take it forever, I may as well load up. As siblings tend to do, he was being difficult while actually intending to take me all along. In the meantime - my Dad went into his medicine cabinet and grabbed me some of his meds and handed them to me.

That is my Dad. No big deal. But taking care of you. He doesn't want accolades or a fuss made.

After I got home, my Dad called to let me know that he forgot to give me a gift that we had purchased for my cousin's graduation. He knew that I would want to wrap it.

That's just the way my Dad and I roll. With him I can be...calm. I can feel comforted and cared for. He does it in such a quiet, unobtrusive way that it's almost unnoticeable - until you really think about it. And this feeling of trust and warmth comes over you when you think about him.

I see how my step-sisters talk to my step-mom almost daily. Occasionally I wonder if I don't talk to my Dad enough. But I don't have to feel guilt like that. Nor does my hatred of talking on the phone ever have to extend to him. We can talk for 5 - 10 minutes once a week and feel that we've reported in. He doesn't want excessive fluffiness, which is a great comfort to me. Cause when I say I hate the phone? I really do.

All my childhood memories of him are of the warm & fuzzy variety. Him taking me for ice cream. Him taking me to my grandma's. Him bouncing me on his knee playing "horsey." Him playing catch with me. Him listening to stories that I had made up, and then us both agreeing that the ending doesn't really make sense. Him buying me 16 roses for my 16th birthday. Me calling him every day before he came home from work to discuss what we should have for dinner. Him attaching stupid vanity license plates to his car that I had proudly bought him for a gift. Him volunteering at my high school graduation. Him going away for the night so I could throw a crazy 18th birthday party. Him tolerating me calling him "father" all the time because the formality of it amuses me.

Some people might find him a touch too quiet or unassuming - but in my mind, he was the perfect dad to have.

Happy Father's Day Daddy.
I love you.



Anonymous said...

I love your dad as well!

Nat said...

Sounds like a great man... :)

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