Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I? Do not get how people do it. Because I? Am poor.

By "it" I do not mean anything dirty. I mean I get how people do that - and it doesn't have to involve money yo.

By "it" I mean all the glorious things that I hear about in the interwebz. It seems that everysingleperson on Twitter has an iPhone/iTouch/blackberry. I? Have a pink Razr that was the epitome of coolness and trendiness about 8 years ago. Note: I got mine 2 years ago.

And everysingleperson with a blog seems to be jetting off around the world to visit each other. I? Have met people in Winnipeg. And by the grace of God, my father took me on a family vakay to Florida, so I got to meet Britt and Hilly.

Everyone and their dog seems to have the latest, shiniest, prettiest new laptop with all the latest technology attached to it. I? Have a two year old desktop that keep shutting down firefox periodically despite my person's DH's best efforts.

I have a special assessment on my condo to the tune of almost $2,500.00. I have an almost $1,000.00 bill on my car. (That I just bought 2 years ago. Used.)

For my birthday? I decided that I wouldn't buy any souvenirs in Florida and I would save up to buy myself an awesome present. I had the order in with Wendy and everything. I mean they're silver rings people. NOT extravagant. But apparently the condo people needed that cheque by June 1.

Now I admit, I do not hoard money like ...well like someone who hoards money. But I don't throw it away either. Are people just living constantly in debt? Or do I just have a really skewed perception, and I just really am bad with money.

I picture bad with money being...well my brother. Utilities cut off. Missing bill payments etc. I'm all good there. Mortgage paid. Good credit. But I just have so little extra.

Perhaps I should consult with someone about this. Have them give me a weekly allowance. Cause I really want those rings....



Lizzle-ba-Dizzle said...

"Are people just living constantly in debt?"

I'm going to go with this explanation. I hear people talking all the time about having maxed out their credit cards, and these aren't cards with low limits. Half of my friends or family are stressing out about making their next CC payments. Not stressing out about paying it off -- just about having enough to make *payments*. Scary.

WendyB said...

Whenever you're ready for rings, they will be here for you :-)

Anonymous said...

I have always been responsible with my money and have absolutely no debt but i also dont' have any savings--thank you NYC for that (and my constant need to travel. I'm about to travel though without any source of income and its scaring me shitless. I don't know what i'm going to do if I run out!

I know once I get back to the states, get a job, and settle in wherever I'm going to live, I won't be doing much besides saving up some money. It'll be nice to have money in the bank for once!

Anonymous said...

Some people live on only a portion of their income, saving the rest, while others live on more than they make, incurring debt for the deficiency.

Some people choose to spend their money on their home and family life while others choose to travel.

And, of course, income levels vary greatly.

Sorry if this is all obvious and my comment therefore useless... :-)

Jess said...

Funny, I posted about money today too, but from a different perspective. It is definitely frustrating to be broke.

MonsteRawr said...

For my husband and I, it's all about priorities. We own 5 computers and a Roomba, but our furnaiture was bought at Goodwill. He has a blackberry and I have an iPhone, but our entertainment center is made of 2x4s and boxes. And his camera cost more than both our cars combined. We love having new and shiny technology, so we scrimp and sacrifice in other areas.

Becky said...

I don't know how to answer this. Every time I think we may have something extra to save, something happens that I need that money, plus more. Its a never ending cycle.

Becky said...

I don't know how to answer this. Every time I think we may have something extra to save, something happens that I need that money, plus more. Its a never ending cycle.

Kyla Roma said...

I think a lot of people DO live in debt - up at night, bone crushing kinda debt. And the other half of people? They talk like they have a lot of money and are terrified of being discovered.

I have always been a compulsive saver, and I also do something my friends don't seem to understand: I live within my means. I go one one trip a year, and set aside money each month for that trip so when I go, it's covered. I have a $60 a week "fun" spending money budget where I can spend on whatever I like. I don't spend past that. I buy almost all my clothes vintage and take the bus.

Sometimes it sucks, but when simple things can make me happy life is a LOT easier. You're not alone! (And lots of people are fakers!!)

Nat said...

How do we do it?

I think if you read a lot of these folks aren't doing it. I know most of the Canadian bloggers sure aren't. I know of one going to BlogHer and she's promoting a book.

I do a lot of running stuff. But I reckon, we'd do that anyway. (Now if I end up in The Peg, you and I are having dinner or something.)

Ali said...

Well...I have an iPod touch, and I have a Blackberry, but to get all the rest of that stuff? I think I'd have to start my life back at the beginning, and not be such a tool with credit cards when I was around 22 years old.
Sometimes I feel a little jelz of those people that seem to have it all, but I think as I get older I learn to appreciate what I've got.
Which is an ipod, Winnipeg, an apartment, and YOU! Oh, and my husband and daughter :)

Rock Chef said...

Welcome to the club! I see others doing all sorts of things and wondering how on earth they are paying for it!

But I know where my money goes - 3 kids...

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