Monday, June 15, 2009

How Can a Post Be Girly But Not Talk About Shoes?

So when I started this blog I was all about the “girly.” It seemed that I was in the midst of a hardcore spa phase, and every second post seemed devoted to the newly polished state of my toes, the newly buffed and rubbed down state of my back, or the sparkly state of my fingers.

Then I remembered that I am not an heiress and that sort of behaviour fell by the wayside.

Shall we talk about money for a moment? $2,500.00 for a bloody condo special assessment on floors, and almost $1000.00 on the car I’ve only had for 2 years. Le sigh.

Anyhow, this weekend I brought it all back. The girliness I mean. Not the money-spending. (See above). Not that I went to the spa. Oh no. One doesn’t need to get her girly on by getting buffed, polished and sparkled. I found other ways my pretties.

Let’s look at some of the uber stereo-typed definitions of “girly” shall we?

  1. Shopping
  2. Chocolate
  3. Cute Boys
  4. Drinks with excess fruit and/or garnish
  5. Gossiping
  6. Lamenting about how evil men are
  7. Sex Toys
  8. Wrapping pretty things up in cellophane (this may be Princess-specific)
  9. Giggling
  10. Crying

Yup, I did all of the above this weekend. (Please note, I did not do a cute boy this weekend – see #7)

Now I won’t bore you by explaining each point in excruciating detail (thereby simply turning this into a “what I did over the weekend” post) but will simply point out some of the highlights.

Dinner with a girlfriend that I only see once a year or so involved the drinking, giggling, gossiping AND lamenting about mens’ evils (mostly on her part as she’s going through a divorce).

Saturday? Involved me making a concerted effort to stay home and “clean” and NOT spend money. Tidying and neatening count as cleaning right? Running the dishwasher? Essentially I ended up having a spectacularly impressive depression-fest that day which involved me getting all teary with my person on the phone, talking about how all men suck (in this case I meant my brother and male friends). Then proceeding to sit on the couch for hours watching “Angel” (=cute boys) and eating chocolate cake.

Then because I was so proud of my abstinence of the day before, I went shopping on Sunday. And bought things I needed people. Don’t be so judgy. Chocolate & cellophane: I am doing an Alumni event which involves me having to wrap up little packets of Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses in ribbon & cello. (What’s torture for one person, is absolute bliss for our Princess).

All in all? A pretty girly weekend.

Today, though is a whole new era.

Men not so evil.

I threw out the rest of the chocolate cake.

All the chocolate is wrapped.

I won’t be seeing that friend again for another year.

I am marginally less teary/depressed.

How was your weekend?


delmer said...

My weekend zinged by. A lot of it involved driving boys hither and yon. Well, and I went to the bicycle shop and bought some new cleats (for my shoes) and socks (because I know how to party).

Friendly Manitoban said...

You threw out chocolate cake!!!!! Do you love the garbage can more than you love me?

Princess of the Universe said...

Delmer- Wow - you are a wild man!

My Person- Twas for the best - I could have had that thing finished by now. It was a WHOLE cake. Can we say cliche depressed girl?

Jess said...

This sounds lovely. I must be girly too because almost everything on that list sounds lovely.

Nat said...

Soungs like a good weekend. The Man was sick, so he basically acted like he had a terminal illness for 24 hours before emerging feeling much better.

Other than that... mellow and reading Eckhard Tolle... still not enlightened.

Floating Princess said...

See now just today I tried to convince someone that throwing out cake is illegal, and here you go proving me a liar-pants! (heeheehee)

Chief Rock Chef said...

As I read your list I had visions of you finding a cute boy, wrapping him in celophane (hopefully with hair holes) and using him as a sex toy. Not the case as it turns out!

My weekend was INCREDIBLE!

Anonymous said...

if I told you about my weekend I would have to kill you.
I laughed at the check #7

Becky said...

My weekend consisted of being at ConFab. I really wish you could've been there.

Faiqa said...

Awww, that sounds fun... I'm inspired.

Kim S. Yee said...

I had cotton candy 'cuz the in-laws took K2 to Tinkertown. K3 spent the day being hot & cranky. Slept like a lamb at night though.

I wish I could sleep...

PinkPiddyPaws said...

weekend? What weekend? Was there a weekend? I can't remember. :)

Anonymous said...

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