Thursday, July 16, 2009

20 Things You Should Hear...

OK so I totally stole this from Miss Britt. But since so did half the bloggiverse, I don't feel like such a slackass.

The point of it is to make this meme that's been going around a bit more about the luuurrrvvve.
So - I'm gonna say 20 absolutely lovely, charming and delightful things. Maybe about YOU. Britt added kind of a blogg-ish slant to it, which seemed like a fab idea. So yeah, this will be about YOU my lovelies.

Oh and in the comments? A la Hilly- feel free to mention anything you love about your darling little Princess (me). And like Hilly- I promise to respond back with what I love about you too! (even lurkers - I'll come up with something totally random, I promise ;P)
It's all about spreading the good feelings darlings...

1. You are truly inspirational with how you've turned a potentially devastating situation into a testament to your character and strength. Don't ever forget how awesome you are.

2. I totally had a crush on you. And thank goodness I'm over it, cause crushing on a virtual stranger is kind of crazy. But were you ever to ask? Or even just glance my way? Yeah, I'd totally be UN over it pretty darn quickly.

3. I wish you would pick up your blog again, cause it was something that we could totally have in common. But since you're around IRL, I totally forgive you, cause we can like, still go shopping and stuff.

4. You are just the sweetest, most endearing person I've met on the internet. I love how unassuming and adorable you are. I want to carry you around in my pocket with me all the time. You're the kind of person that I just KNOW I would be bff's with if we ever actually had a chance to meet just once.

5. Dude. When are you coming to Canada? You promised! And I'm DYING to meet you!

6. Honey I worry about you so much. You're a phenomenal and dynamic woman. Be strong, I know that things will get better soon.

7. The fact that someone like you exists in the world, makes it a much better place. I am so glad that I found your blog. You are truly the most extraordinary person I've ever encountered.

8. Your thoughtful emails have made my day (or made me cry in a good way) more than once. It's so nice to know that there is someone out there in the world who takes the time to let people know that they are not alone.

9. You are so fun and unaffected. Your attitude is awesome, even when you're unhappy, and I truly hope that some day I get the chance to experience it in person.

10. Please come off hiatus! Your writing is phenomenal and I miss you.

11. I am so glad that blogging gave me the opportunity to meet you - you were truly such a surprise and I look forward to more brilliant days ahead.

12. Honey, I love you to bits. I would have met you, blog or not - but I think it was the blogging that actually made us friends. You're never getting rid of me.

13. Darling, I'm so happy that life has become so luminous for you. You've become more scarce lately- but please know that my heart glows a bit brighter because of the way you've touched it.

14. You are truly one of the quirkiest, most hilarious people I've ever seen. I would pay money just to be able to bask in your radiance for an hour or so. Never ever change.

15. You're in Canada, and I have friends in your city. I WILL meet you. There is no escape from this.

16. You are glorious. I came thisclose to basking in it once. You're the kind of person that people aspire to be like- intelligent, kind and lovely. Thank you for being you.

17. You're one of the few people in the blogging world I have actually chatted with. Your being shines through in your blog, even though it's on a specific topic. I think we really should schedule that slumber party one day, because I already know it will be fantastic. What's one little province? We can meet somewhere in the middle right?

18. You are dramatic. And smart. And sad. Sometimes I just want to give you a hug and tell you that life is better than you think. You can make it better. You have so much potential - just grab it and own it!

19. You have totally touched me, and are definitely one of my incentives to save money to hop over the ocean. I know we would have hours of girly laughing and dessert and dancing. Someday...

20. You, your work, your spirit so totally shine through in your blog. I just want to grab you and hug you for being so positive and awesome. Oh yeah, and if you gave me some free product - that would be OK too.



Rock Chef said...

Ah, I love that post! So much of it could be about me :-)

As for you - who could NOT love everything about you? You are a fabulous person.

AmyTree said...

I love it!!! I am going to pretend most of that IS about me - namely 4, 10, 18 & 19. All mine. Thank you. :-) xxx

Kyla Roma said...

Okay, you must know some amazing people!! Where is your blogroll? I need to read them too!

MissE said...

What do I love about the Princess?
The fact that her heart and soul are so immense and amazing she can write a post like this. Plus she's funny as all f***. ;o)

Thank you for sharing you with the blogverse!

Princess of the Universe said...

Rock Chef- and of course # 8 is all about you honey!

AmyT- well...feel free to claim them all- but #19 definitely!

KylaR- you're all #11 honey. And I will be happy to send you the list :)

MissE- I love how you always have something so sweet and supportive to say. I wish more people were like that in the world!! xo

All Mod Cons said...

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that one of them may even be about me. In which case...there was a minor hiccup (the financial world fell apart in a blaze of glory) but it's 100% happening. Cross my heart. And you're definitely on the list!

Princess of the Universe said...

AMC- yes darling #5 was all about you. I have the guest futon all ready for you!!

Nat said...

Britt had a good idea with this one and must say it was executed with style and panache... :)

You are far more talented and more capable than you give yourself credit for. And I admire your strength and honestly.


The Duchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess of the Universe said...

Nat- #15 is devoted to you!!

Faiqa said...

Your insight into who you are both inspires me and gives me hope for humankind. If everyone took the time to look at who they are and why they are that way the way you do... we'd all be better off. Oh, and? You are exponentially a better and more wonderful person than you think you are. Which is yet another thing that I love about you.

Princess of the Universe said...

Faiqa- thank you so much for that! You have such an amazing way with words - it's so wonderful to see another person who actually thinks about things, and cares about people the way you do...(and of course #16 was devoted to you as well...)

Becky said...

You have a gift for taking negative thinking and turning it around into something positive. I have seen you do that so many times in your writing. And I admire that quality so much!

I miss you hon...we must catch up very soon :)

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