Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rock the Chakra II

Yesterday I had my chakras balanced.

Oh yeah, and a hot stone massage. Honestly people, I have no idea why anyone would ever get a massage that wasn't hot stone. As far as I'm concerned, heaven will contain a hot stone massage room on every corner. It is the very definition of bliss.

But back to the chakras...

I've has this done before about two years ago and from what I remember it was a rather interesting experience. I remember laying there and not hearing/feeling anything from the girl and wondering just what it was that I was wasting my money on. The suddenly I found myself overcome with memories and thoughts of all my friends and the people who genuinely loved me in my life. It's like a rush of positivity just washed over me. It was like a very intense and glorious "life flashing in front of my eyes" moment. But in a good way. Completely unexpected, but lovely.

Of course then the girl told me that as she was balancing said chakras she felt like she was being punched in the stomach. Wow. Thanks for taking it for the team there honey, cause I feel great!

So I decided to try it again, cause even if I had the exact same experience - why not feel the love, right? And any negative stuff is apparently taken on by the "balancer" so why not?

And as I lay there (essentially naked, with hot stones still surrounding my spine and across my eyelids) I again wondered just what I was wasting my money on. Nothing was happening, and I had to struggle to clear my mind. You know how hard it is to clear your mind when you really want to? Thoughts of what I was going to eat when I got home, and whether I should stop for sushi instead keep infiltrating my brain.

But eventually, I managed to relax a bit. She did the odd pushing on my hips which I didn't really get. But I thought it was part of the ritual - like the little bells that she rang at the beginning. Kinda pretty.

I had chosen 2 areas for her to focus on. Now I must confess, having done this before I did a bit of homework earlier in the afternoon. I read up on the chakra colours and thought that I would have her focus on the romance and sex areas. I mean I can use the help right?

But when I arrived she specifically asked me to choose the stones that I was "drawn to." Damn. I was drawn to the quartz crystal and the amethyst. Head and throat. I decided to be honest and have her work on that. I suppose the Powers that Be know what they're doing right?

What was weird was that the whole time she was on my right hand side was when I was trying to relax and clear my head. Then she moved to the left side and for some reason the passing thought flitted through my head that she was now working on the "dark side." Odd. I didn't know what that meant, and when I tried to pursue it, the thought floated away.

But suddenly I felt the mojo working. I felt myself not focusing on the positive this time, but instead felt myself letting go of the negative. A little voice kept going through my head telling me that "I am enough." I don't need to hold on to guilt, anger, resentment and anything else weighing me down. I don't need to worry about other people's burdens. I can only do and be for them as much as I am able and willing. And it's enough.

I felt my anger and worry about my brother slipping away. I felt the vestiges of my last job lossening it's grip. I felt the resentment I have towards D2 and his neglect washing away.

I am enough. For me. For them.

OK, what a weird little internal therapy session. But if that's what happens, I would say that the balancing is in fact worth the money.

When it was over she explained that I seem to hold a lot in my hips (hence the pushing) and that I should work on "grounding" myself. How's that now? Apparently working out, or even just stomping my feet will assist. Cool.

And then, the thing that freaked me out was that she felt a lot of "dark energy" on my left side. Wtf? That flitting thought seems to have meant something. I still get kind of creeped out at the potentially not coincidence of that.

Anyhow. I still have absolutely no idea what she did, and how one balances one's chakras. But I still think it's cool, and I enjoy the head trippiness of it all.

I would love to hear if any of you have ever done it and what it was like...



Rock Chef said...

That sounds amazing! I have never done anything like that - wonder how it would affect me?

Not totally sold on the hot stone bit, though. I will leave that to you as you clearly love it.

Kyla Roma said...

I have been lusting over the idea of a hot stone massage for a while now, I would totally be up for that!

I've never had any chakra work done, but it sounds amazing, I would go based on this recommendation- though I'm such an open book I'm sure I'd end up bawling like a child and requesting you feed me alcohol so we can build my walls back up lol ;)

Karen said...

I am not really one for hot stone or other massage. I got really, really bad bruising after the last massage I recieved so I tend to stay away. That Chakra stuff sounds amazing though.

Sherri said...

I've never had anything done to my energy by another person, though I do meditate and try to stimulate my chakras on my own, not sure it does any good. I certainly don't get a sudden rush of emotion like you did. I've been waiting for some expendable income to try it, but I've also been apprehensive. Now that I've read your post I won't be scared.

Becky said...

I've never had my chakras aligned, but I've always wanted to have it done. There's a little aromatherapy shop not far from where I work that does that and the hot stone massages. I may have to break down and actually get one. It sounds like a wonderful experience!

Jess said...

I've never done it and I can't imagine I will. It's not really my thing. Though it does sound like it was great for you. I'm more interested in the hot stone massage. That sounds heavenly.

Princess of the Universe said...

Chef- no, the stones feel amazing- the heat really relaxes the muscles!

Kyla - That sounds like an awesome weekend, massage, chakras, crying then drinking!

Karen- It's kinda like an intense private therapy session in your head. Bizarre, but kind of awesome.

Sherri - I wouldn't know how to begin doing this on my own. Sounds like something I should do some research on.

Becky -Oooh, do it then tell me all about it!

Jess- oh it really was heavenly. I can't imagine a more relaxing way to pamper yourself...

Shelley Malone said...

That sounds amazing!! I would love to try that. Where did you go?

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?

Princess of the Universe said...

Shelley- at Riverstone- the loveliest place on earth.

sfauthor- thanks for the advertisement. I did not in fact know about those books. Perhaps I should look into them. :)

Pipper said...

That is so weird! I just watched this thing on E! about this very thing. I was wondering how it all worked and then I read your blog today. How strange. I totally take it as a sign I must do this as well!!!

Nat said...

Very cool. I am a touch skeptical about all this after a not-so good visit with a homeopath who seemed very concerned about The Man's salary. Also he stank.

The Man's mom, perhaps fodder for a post as well, was a into Reiki and she wanted to show us how to heal each other. While I do this that she is utterly full of crap.. I must admit that the connect created between The Man and I was odd for a few moments there.

I think I want to believe in it all, just the experiences don't add up. If that makes sense...

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