Friday, July 10, 2009


Life is glorious today my darlings. For once I'm writing a happy post, not to counter-balance a previous cranky post- but just because.

I've officially been at my job for a year and I still love it. Even the few apprehensions I had about personal relations have dissolved. I feel appreciated, and I'm truly motivated to do the best job I possibly can. With every piece of work submitted I am pleased with my efforts, and hopeful that others recognize the care that was put into it, and think that I'm a rock star.

RE: WW - well I lost 4 pounds in 4 days. Not entirely the healthy way to do it - but one can't go from eating big bags of M&M's a couple times a week to eating 27 points per day without noticing some radical results in the beginning. And a bonus? I don't crave the chocolate so much at the moment. Right now it's avocados that are my illicit pleasure (that's 9.5 points yo!). I've also invented some creative ways to get my heart rate up - creation #1 - kick dancing around my condo. Think a mix between Tae Bo and uh stupid bar dancing. What's weird is that I've lost less than 10 pounds but my clothes already hang different on me. I don't really get that- I'm sure I've been within this 10 pound range off and on for a while now- but suddenly it's making a difference.

I had a glorious evening with the girls (+ 1 male) last night at my Partylite shindig. Anyone in Winnipeg reading this? The show doesn't close until Thursday! Kimmie (the fabulous consultant) would be grateful for your support!

Today is Friday. I have a whole gloriously relaxing weekend spread out before me in a few short hours.

Today is also payday. Woo.

I'm eating strawberries right now. They're only 1 point. Lovely.

My allergies? Have also found a friend: a cold. This has turned into a great source of amusement to me. Not only am I super squeaky right now, but I'm not sure how to treat myself. I assume I just add cold meds to my daily dose of allergy meds? It's just so awful and pitiful that I have to laugh about it. I mean the outdoors is just a part of the world - what can I do? While I think it's unlikely that I will ever spend a weekend camping- I refuse to turn down things (too often) like BBQ's and walks in the park. Although I think I may have an indoorsy kind of weekend (after my patio date with friends tonight) - maybe some movies, some filing at home, maybe go to the mall?

Farmer's market: On a not-so-staying-inside note: I live very close to an awesome farmer's market. If you're in the Winnipeg area, and have never gone? Go. Immediately. (Uh, or Saturday morning anyhow.) I think I'll do that tomorrow morning - you know, a morning outside right after my evening on the patio. (Apparently I lack conviction). A note about markets: I went to one last weekend with my person and Ali and made a glorious (although probably obvious) discovery: you can barter. I coveted a necklace that was $20.00 and I only had $17.00 and he let me have it anyways! Awesome. I'm wearing it today. Love it. Farmer's markets? Make me happy.

My lunch hour being over? Well, makes me less happy- but at least I'm now only a few hours away until leaving work. Feel free to leave me happy comments! The more happy spread around the better...


MonsteRawr said...

Congrats on the dropped 4! What I think is most exciting is that YOU're excited and inspired by it.

Sherri said...

I'm having a pretty damn good day m'self. I guess my good vibes took, huh? ;)

Kyla Roma said...

Congrats on the success with WW, the farmers market, and the whole life outlook- it sounds like you're having lots of fun! =)

Becky said...

Great WW success! And I know live on fruit...still having a hard time choking down raw veggies.

I'm so freaking happy that you're happy!! And I'm going to try your dance, it sounds fun :)

Faiqa said...

4lbs in 4 days?!! WOW!! That's a big deal. And, I'm so happy that you're happy. ;)

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