Friday, August 01, 2008

10 Things About My Life Right Now

So it's stressing me out that I have so few posts in existence now, so I notice that I seem to be writing one everyday at lunch.

First item on the agenda: I want to say that I love and adore you all for the blog awards that you've given me. I cherish each and every one of them, but I'm removing them. I want to clean up a bit.

Second item: what do people really think about paid posts/blog advertising? I don't see an issue with making some easy money doing something that I love. But there seems to be a moral grey area here. What are your thoughts?

Third item: I am heading into a long-weekend and D2 and I are festival hopping. There's an Icelandic Festival and a Ukrainian Festival happening in different parts of the province this weekend, so we're going to do the road trip thing. I'm very excited!

Fourth item: I had an argument with Columbia House yesterday and I was a little bit rude. For some reason they signed me up for 2 accounts and sent me DVDs for each. I opened both DVDs and watched them happily. I realized that I had 2 accounts and phoned to rectify the matter. The guy started giving me a lecture about how you should always verify account numbers before you open things...Blah Blah. I interrupted him mid-sentence, said I appreciated the lecture and all, but what are we going to do about my situation. I'm getting cranky in my old age.

Fifth item: I would really like a slurpee right now.

Sixth item: Anyone wanna join me in Toronto in September? Girls, I'll pay for the hotel room - we can have a slumber party! Boys- I'm not that kind of girl. Regardless of HOW LONG IT'S BEEN since I last had sex.

Seventh item- I kinda want some M & M's too.

Eighth item: I deleted half my "friends" from Facebook the other day as a result of the crap that caused me to delete my archives here. It was perhaps an over-reaction, but do I really need to be friends with my dentist anyhow?

Ninth item: I think I'm going to take myself to the Dark Knight tonight. I've only heard good things about it. And some of the good reviews came from people (like me) who weren't fond of the last one in this series.

Tenth item: Who wants to place bets on whether or not D2 and I get into a fight (or several) this weekend?

Love you all! Have a great long weekend!


Psychgrad said...

Paid posts....not sure how I feel. I think it's a bit weird on a personal blog because it's like you're getting paid to blog about yourself.

But, I also have a foodblog and notice many people have ads on their foodblogs (I personally don't) and I feel less weird about people making money off of their recipes.

I NEVER get Columbia House mail anymore. I'm surprised they're still in business with iTunes and online downloads. They'd be wise to treat their customers very well.

Jen said...

1) I've been wanting to do the SAME exact removal of said items from my blog too.

2) do it. It's your blog.

3) Fun! Better than mine!

4) So what if you watched both? Why is that an issue if you send it back unharmed (even if you're not supposed to open it)? Boo columbia house.

5) Mmmmm - slurpee!

6) would love to, but geography might be a bit of a challenge? Anyone, ahem. . . Princess, up for a Montreal or Quebec visit in October?

7) who doesn't covet M&M's?!

8) I ran to my Facebook account to see that I was still listed as your friend! ***whew!*** Seriously. You scared me into rocking myself in a corner.

9) You will love it! It's undescribebly (is that a word) deliciously perniciously good!

10) No fighting allowed. :)

Big hugs from me to you!

Princess of the Universe said...

PsychG- well I don't use CH for music anymore- just DVDs.

Jen- I love you for answering ALL my points! I kept all my bloggy friends on Facebook - and I certainly would NEVER get rid of you!


Karl said...

Paid posts aren't a big deal to me. Course, I'm a total whore and would gladly write anything for money, just about.

AmyTree said...

Those dvd things drive me crazy - had a similar issue with one but neither of my dvds actually worked.
It's your blog - if you want to advertise on it that's up to you! I wouldn't but not because of any real objection, more because I'm too damn lazy to add more work to it. I do paperwork (computer work) all day and am loath to add more, even if it's all for me.
I would LOVE to come to Toronto but I'm a tad occupied over here...
You should definitely go see Dark Knight - it's fantastic, very dark, and actually quite beautiful. I am all for going alone - then you get all the popcorn!! :-)
Have a lovely weekend.

Glamourpuss said...

I'm tempted -I've always wanted to visit Toronto...

And I'm hesitant about ads on blogs and paid posts, simply because someone else is dictating the content...

Have a fabulous weekend.


Shana-Marie said...

#1 - I have no awards... I feel so unloved *cry*

#2 - I do paid posts, but I thought it was awkward to do on a super personal blog, so I created the new one. I really see no problem with it at all.

#3 - ooh... festivals are fun.

#4 - Columbia house is teh suck.

#5 - mmm... Slurpee. What flavour?

#6 - I know we don't know each other well, but I'd hop a bus to hang out!

#7 - M&M's totally rock Smarties

#8 - I clean up my facebook every so often.

#9 - Did you see it? Wasn't it teh awesome?

#10 - I'll guess that yes, fighting is in order... or maybe not. Who knows?!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

a slurpee and some M&M's... what an ODD craving. ;)

Uhhh.. I'm not a betting woman really and it sounds like you are pretty sure a fight will happen, so I'm keeping out of this one.

Hope you had a great time, despite the expected fighting!

Z said...

Blog Ads - I don't care. If people want to put them up, why not? Who knows, someday I might... Not now, but maybe someday.

Hope you have a great weekend! (And no, I will not place any bets on any bickering that may ensue...)

Nance said...

#7. plain or peanut? i'm a major fan of the peanut.

Chief Rock Chef said...

First item on the agenda: Sounds fair!

Second item: I don't have a problem so long as I don't have to pay!

Third item: Sounds interesting - do you get to eat Puffin at the Icelandic fair?

Fourth item: Hey, their screw up - not your fault - they are lucky you are trying to sort it out at all!

Fifth item: Me too!

Sixth item: I will remain silent.

Seventh item- Me too!

Eighth item: I don't like Facebook anyway...

Ninth item: It does sound good, and I have not really been interested in any of the modern Batman stuff - bring back Adam West, that is what I say! Holy Nostalgia!

Tenth item: Nope, things will go swimmingly!

Love you too!

Dee said...

Princess--Paid posts...I dont do it because it just junks up what I do. Now, to me, it would be like someone coming along and offering to publish your life story. Would you accept...most would say...hell yeah! That is what you are doing. And, my what you want. It is your blog!

Not a facebook fan...or myspace... because it seems to clickish to me (*ducking*) and I want to know EVERYONE. Maybe not hold hands, but know everyone!!

Slurpee and M&Ms? Hummm....

Award long as you know you are in our hearts!

Is this too dyslexic for words? I know you numbered yours, but I am in recovery from Disney!! ~~Dee

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