Monday, March 09, 2009

Bullets (not the sex toy)

You're getting a bulleted post today because I have a bunch of randoms I want to get out of my head.

  • You guys are absolutely awesome for commenting at all on my last post. I woke up the next day thinking that I really must have a hate-on for my readers for putting you through that, but you all came through like rock stars!

  • I threw a baby shower for my person this past Saturday (special thank you guest post from her coming soon!) and realized several things: a) my place really isn't baby-proof b) seafood dip, crackers, cheese dip and fudge are great on day 1, but when you're still eating them 2 and 3 days later? Not good. Over it.

  • Saw The Watchmen on Saturday. I don't care if he was an ass, I still love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But I do wish I had read ahead of time- can someone please explain a few things to me? Why were they so kick-ass? I thought they were just vigilantes in costumes (except blue guy of course). Do they have superpowers? From where?

  • It is a sad fact about humanity, if you show a man's penis on screen, the men in the audience will react EVERY time it is shown, not just the first time. Annoying. Is it jealousy? Is it homophobia? Either way? Shut up.

  • Yesterday was International Women's Day. My person's DH gave me a pot of daffodils. I almost got teary, and only held back cause I figured it would make him uncomfortable. Love him.

  • My Step BIL has told me that my Facebook statuses (stati?) are boring, and that I need to step it up. So I decided that each day will have a new scandalous status. They have ranged from my never dusting again, to contemplating single motherhood because sex is easier to find than a husband to showering with several both men and women the other day etc. Feel free to offer suggestions, since I'm running out of ideas. I try to make them relative to my life, but my life? Not so scandalous.

  • The cashier at Wal-Mart (AKA "Hell" and does not deserve a link) complimented me for my fabulous Wendy B necklace the other day. It reminded me that my birthday is coming up in a month and perhaps I should buy myself more jewellery? Or perhaps someone would like to buy me the matching ring? Or the Mia Scent locket? PS feel free to peruse my wish list. It's not weird to send princesses gifts at all!
And scene. (AKA lunch hour is over)


AmyTree said...

I loved Watchmen!! They're kickass just because. No one but Dr. M has actual powers - thus he is a Superhero and the rest are Masked Heroes. You should read it, it's excellent!! (And for my money the movie was perfect.)
Have you seen Tropic Thunder? Not at ALL what I expected...

Jen said...

I thought The Watchmen was supremely awesome! I loved, loved, loved that they showed the penis. It became, well, just part of the movie - like it belonged - and it wasn't weird. The men in the theater I was in didn't even react. Weird? 'Cos I was so expecting them to do so, but no, not once.

The only thing I had a problem with was that parents brought their children to see this movie about a GRAPHIC novel. . . . duh. It has heavy violence - what were they thinking? (the kids ranged from 4 to 8 or 9, I think). It mortified me and I think they should get their parenting license revoked.

I'm just sayin'.

P.S. AmyTree - I hearted Tropic Thunder too! It was great!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Showing men's willies on screen? My usual reaction is "Oh poor guy!"

A home is not baby proof until you have had a kid crawling around for a while and you get to see exactly how good they are at getting stuff you thought was safe.

LiLu said...

Okay, now I am SUPER excited for Watchmen! Woot!

Avitable said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was awesome - I like him in everything he does.

sequined said...

Possibly helpful about fbook status updates: I like to make underminer-y Tweets to my friends, and they tend to be popular. Recent one: "It must be freeing to be as morally casual as Friend." If they're in on the joke, that might be a fun type for you to try.

Lizzle-ba-Dizzle said...

Watchmen - I saw it Saturday as well, and wanted to smack the guys next to me because they would make weird laughing/grossed out/freaked out noises every time we saw manbits. I mean, really. It's not like they've never seen one before. DUR. Do they hear ME freaking out every time I see boobies?


WendyB said...

Love the Wal-Mart compliment!

Princess of the Universe said...

AmyT- Nope, haven't seen Tropic Thunder- it looked like something that would annoy me. Perhaps I should give it a try?

Jen- Agreed on the parents. Definitely not a kid movie.

Chief- well it was a blue guy. It may not even have been real.

LiLu- it was all kinds of fab.

Avitable- have you seen "Dead and Breakfast"? Singing zombies, JDM as a sheriff, and Kendra, the other Slayer, pre-Faith.

Seq- do I follow you on Twitter? If not, why not??

Lizzle- maybe it's just a Winnipeg thing?

WendyB- and note how I'm trying to convince people to buy me more of your stuff!!


Nat said...

I got distracted when you said Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was there more? LOL.

Chief Rock Chef said...

It was BLUE! That guy is in real trouble! :-)

Anonymous said...

OK i have a kid and our place is not always childproof because he still manages to find things i think were in a safe spot and cause massive destruction. Now I need to spend more time going back through your status updates on FB and rating them....brace yourself!


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Gosh darn it....I keep hearing about the Penis Shot! I'm going to have to go see the movie. It was quite scandalous in Sex and the City as well.:)

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