Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Divine Miss B

So remember how I'm a single girl and all? And how I rarely get sex?
So I entered this contest to win a mini vibrator.

And remember how I was looking for my thing?
And one of my ideas was to do a feature on some blogs that I love? How about on a site that has just launched and that needs some lovin' from teh internetz?

Of course, it's a site by the phenomenal Miss Britt, so really, who am I kidding? As if she needs the promotion. However, the thought occurs to me that by some weird alignment of the stars, I may just have one or two readers that she doesn't. So just in case, I'm totally sending you over there.

What is this new site you may ask, well who better to tell you than Miss B herself:
"See, I’ve decided to launch a review site for women. I’ve seen a lot of mommy review sites around and always wondered “where the hell are the sites for the REST of the shit women spend their money on?” I also thought, “this economy is kicking my freaking ass and I need a better way to whore myself out without exploiting my dear sweet readers at Miss-Britt.”

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Miss B uses language? Oops.
So skip on over there and show her some love willya? You might win some free stuff!


Sherri said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Thanks for the pointer, but I think I will steer clear of that one...

Faiqa said...

She is pretty divine...

delmer said...

>>And how I rarely get sex?<<

For the longest time I didn't get The Office. The subtleties kept getting by me.

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