Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things That I Wonder...

- Where would I be now if I had taken the other job eight years ago?
- What if I hadn't broken up with him before moving out there? Would we be married with kids now, or was a break-up inevitable?
- If my Dad had never gotten re-married, would I ever have moved out?
- If I took my step-mom's advice: "one should protect their credit rating the way they protect their virginity" - would I still be a virgin, or just have a really good portfolio?
- Should I go meet the internet guy who is separated-reconciling-separated-again?
- Can I train myself to crave carrot sticks the way I crave chocolate?
- Why don't people ever read the entire email before responding back with questions that are already answered?
- Am I really selfish because I don't want children?
- Why are some people so completely clueless?
- What should I have for dinner tonight?


sequined said...

This one cracked me up: "If I took my step-mom's advice: "one should protect their credit rating the way they protect their virginity" - would I still be a virgin, or just have a really good portfolio?"

And you aren't selfish if you don't want kids. It's so much better to do what you want than just to go along with what people expect of you, especially with something as life changing as new human beings you have to raise and pay for.

And you probably want mac and cheese for dinner.

Mrs. Mogul said...

I say for dinner make a quiche! It's quick and easy to make and looks fancy!

LiLu said...

It is pensive round the blogosphere today!

I'm going pizza for dinner :-)

WendyB said...

Ha! Great post. I like to argue that it's selfish to HAVE children. What's up with that egocentric the-world-really-needs-more-of-my-genetic-material attitude? (Sorry, breeders!)

Princess of the Universe said...

Seq- I don't have any mac & cheese, but that does sound good!

Mrs. M- thanks for stopping by! Ya know I never learned to make quiche...thank god for the internet..

LiLu- I've unfortunately added pizza (along with burgers & fries) to the "food I'm never allowed to eat again" list.

WendyB- I certainly wouldn't wish a child as neurotic and moody as me onto the world...

Anonymous said...

Definitely no to the "internet guy" and pepperoni pizza is always a good choice for dinner. In fact, send me a slice would you?

Chief Rock Chef said...

* Probably not worth losing sleep over something like this.
* Who can tell - maybe there is a Princess in a parallel universe who knows?
* Probably, maybe just a little later?
* Not qualified to answer that one.
* Why would anyone want to try?
* Laziness.
* No of course not, although I suspect that you would in fact be a great mom.
* ?
* Chicken salad and chocolate cake for pudding.

Jen said...

Ditto to all of Rock Chef's answers.

Huge NO WAY to waffling internetz guy! (Just needed to reiterate Suzel's and RC's response). He's just trouble all rolled up into one person. . .

Crys said...

internet guy is bad juju. take it from mommy up in here.

Nance said...

Holy crap. It's definitely not a great idea to take on all of these with any real depth all at once.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

Ditch the internet dude.

Eat ice cream for dinner.

I'd say more but then it'd turn into a blog post sized comment.

xoxo darlin

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