Friday, March 20, 2009

Except it Really IS All About Me...

I read a post today that very succinctly summed up something that I've thought a lot about.
But since I'm not nearly as succinct as Poppy, I'm going to wax poetic on the topic for several paragraphs.

What this post reminded me of was quite possibly the greatest advice/statement that anyone has ever bestowed upon me:
"It's not all about you Princess."

On the surface it actually was kind of a rude and flippant thing to say. But since I'm all deep I got kind of introspective about it and really thought about what that statement meant. And I have to say? It has made my life easier ever since.

Before I get into the why's and wherefore's I going to divert a bit and say that I wish I could tell that person just how much that one comment gave me. I mean sure, they probably didn't have the most altrusitic and noble intentions when they said it to me, but it really is one of the things in my life that was attitude-changing. And for that? As Poppy suggested in her post, I should thank him for inspiring me.

Inspiring me in what way?

Because of that one little statement, I never worry that the women in the cubicle next to me are whispering or giggling about me. When I don't get a call from someone when I expect it? I no longer think that it might be intentional- that maybe they don't want to talk to me, or that they're angry, or they're intentionally being difficult. Cause guess what? They have busy, complicated lives and they probably, aren't even thinking about me.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, or doesn't immediately respond to my email? It's not about me. Cause they? Are probably not even thinking about me.

When I read the title of Poppy's post, it immediately struck me as kind of sad (for those of you not inclined to go click: If you knew how often people didn’t think about you, you’d feel even less significant than you already do. But I've actually come to find this knowledge as rather liberating.

I know that I have friends & family who love and adore me. And based on the number of calls, emails and invitations that I get, I assume that they think about me just the right amount. Probably the same amount as I think about them. The same goes for my bloggy friends. I love and adore you all, but when I'm watching Supernatural, or wariting a report for work, or out for lunch with my girlfriends- I'm not thinking about you.

So the inspiration? That one comment inspired me to be more laid-back and less worried about what others are actively saying about me. It's inspired me to consider people's lives more, and rank myself in importance in their life. It's inspired me to laugh at myself a bit more when I do slip and think that people are behaving in a certain way because of me.

Cause you know what? It's pretty often that people just aren't thinking about me.

Except right now. You're all totally thinking about me and how awesome I am. And my hair. Right?



Anonymous said...

actually while reading this post I was thinking who passed on this great knowledge.
Then I started to think.. wait its all about Kimber.
Im glad you dont have caller ID
I will give you the hair though

Backpacker momma said...

I love your last paragraph. It totally made me laugh out loud. And then I found myself thinking about your amazing hair. Coincidence?

Laura said...

I agree it is kind of liberating. And you know why people aren't busy thinking about you? Because they're busy thinking about themselves.

Jen said...

You DO have amazing hair!

delmer said...

Up until this blog post I didn't realize just how awesomely hairy you were.

Poppy said...

I am just glad that you took away that message and expanded upon it yourself.

You have inspired me to continue telling the world to inspire each other.

Although, I think I'll use a different word than "inspire" when talking to men. Apparently in Man School they're taught that "inspiration" is a dirty word.

Princess of the Universe said...

MDA- you've always been jealous of my hair... :P

BPM- My amazing hair needs some grooming...but thanks!

Laura- Yup, since we have to live in our own skin, we may as well think about ourselves the most. Logical really.

Jen- thanks honey! :P

Delmer- OK, suddenly this post became all about my one flippant hair comment at the end!

Poppy- Oh really? Uh duly noted. OK, thanks for the post..."idea" :P


Anonymous said...

You certainly are!

James said...

Well I AM thinking of you right now...that's why I am here

Anonymous said...

Being someone who has always been chubbalubbadingdong, it's often hard not to worry that someone is thinking negatively of you and/or that the whispers are about your jiggly bottom. However, a few years ago, after many panic attacks, I turned all of that off. Now, I really don't care about that stuff. Yay you for being that way too!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Now this post has just shaken my whole view of the Universe and everything in it!

But being able to step back and chill about things is vital, as far as I am concerned. Keep it up!

And yes, your hair is wonderful!

Jason X said...

Good perspective. But don't forget, you're a princess. All the positive is about you. If it's negative, it's all about them and their issues. And yes, love the hair. I want to roll around in it.

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