Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Bondy...

So I'm going to Disney World with the family in less than 3 weeks. My Dad and Step mom are paying for everyone to go and be all family-bondy.

Me? I'm thrilled. A free trip to Florida where I'm confident there's no snow. I will have just finished up with my first big event at this job, and believe me, I can already use the break.

The families will break off into little grouplets and I can hang with whichever one I choose. If one gets old, I can take off and hang with another. Such is the beauty of Disney shuttles and cell phones. All I have to pay for is the odd meal and any shopping I want to do (and really? How many Mickey ears does a girl really need?)

And the best part? Guess who I get to see when I'm down there?! Britt and Hilly have graciously agreed to meet me on the Sunday. How lucky am I? (insert excited *squee* here).

The only problem so far has been my darling brother. He's trying really hard to make the best of it, but well...he sucks at it.

First he was upset because our father wouldn't pay for his girlfriend and daughter to come too. He was all outraged that Dad seemed to differentiate between "married" and "not married" couples. Perhaps it's because we meet a new woman every year or so? And guess what? They've broken up. My Dad? Genius. My brother? Kinda clueless.

(Thank God - because he was threatening to have her and the daughter come anyways, and stay in the room with us. Hell no. Like I want to sleep with some random 9 year old).

Then he was upset because he wanted to go golfing with the other boys, but the BiL's weren't into it. So he threw a little hissy about that. Fine.

But the things that annoys me the most? The parts that actually amuse me, because they annoy me the most? Are the facts that a) he was so traumatized that when I told him that I was leaving for a few hours to meet Britt and Hilly (translation in his mind: scary people from the internet) and b) he wants to leave the resort and go to an outlet mall and for some reason I have to go with him.

Now I know that I've portrayed myself as all girly girl on here- but hanging with my brother in an outlet mall? I think I'd rather slit my wrists. Apparently though, because I'm the other "single" one on this trip, it means I'm his little beck and call girl. Seriously? In what kind of bizarro world is the brother forcing the sister to go shopping?

The main issue with my brother is that he feels that he's being forced to go on a vacation that is not one of his choosing. His happy vacation is on a resort in Mexico. He thinks that since he doesn't have kids, Disney is a ridiculous place for him to go. (What's my excuse exactly?)

Me? I have NO interest in Mexico. I don't think they have enough Mayan ruins and day trips to keep me amused. Disney isn't my first choice, but I'm cool with it. Had I unlimited funds and time? Off to Europe I would go. First to England/Ireland/Scotland, then to Russia and Norway and Turkey, then off to France and Italy....

So this is my poll to you, my darling readers - what would be your preferred vacay: a hot resort sitting on a beach having drinks served to you OR less hot, lots of activity, touring around, seeing things, etc etc.

Ahh to be rich. Le sigh.


Anonymous said...

You're going to love Disney. I went there for the first time a couple of years ago. At any age, the first time will be a blast!

MissE said...



So that was my immediate reaction when I read the fifth and sixth words of this post (yes, I counted.)

Seriously - if your brother doesn't wanna go on the holiday, I will so totally take his place. Your dad wouldn't mind paying for my flight out from Australia, right? :o)

Ali said...


I went when I was 19, and I seriously can't wait to go back. Looooove it!

(Oh, and if you see Giles at the Morocco pavilion at Epcot Centre? Tell him Alison from Canada says hi - he wrote me a love note, I'm sure he'll remember, lol!)

And I'm echoing MissE's response - if your brother doesn't want to go, I'm only across the city from you, AND near the airport, AND we could totally have a sleepover here the night before the flight, eating junk food and doing facemasks, and watching lame movies!!!

How's that for squee?!?!?!!?

Laura said...

How exciting, have a great time! I would love to go to Disney as an adult.

I think I generally gravitate more towards sightseeing vacations - I went to Europe for 3 months last year and loved it - but I'm sure the relax-on-a-tropical-beach vacations have their place too. I've never taken a tropical vacation so I can't really say!

Rachel said...

If I had unlimited funds, why choose, you can do both, there are great touristy and beach resorts all over. Do a few weeks here and there and enjoy

Nat said...

Too funny. Disney sounds like a special kind of hell to me. (My parents are taking The Boy without us. Thank god.)The beach is fine for a day but me, I'm more of an explore the world kind of gal.

Psychgrad said...

Tell your brother to grow up...but not so much that he doesn't want to go to Disney World.

I've been on both kinds of trip...a hot resort sitting on a beach having drinks served to you OR less hot, lots of activity, touring around, seeing things... I think I need to do another one with more activity next. It's a more difficult/tiring trip, but you learn and experience more.

delmer said...

The boys and I went on a Disney Cruise last year. We were on the boat four days and at the park for three. Or the other way round. Seems like we were at the park four days.

In any case, it was a wonderful time and we all had a blast.

If I were loaded I'd travel to Europe and I'd really like to see Australia.

Jen said...

So, um. . . does this Disney trip have a stop off in Texas by chance? Maybe "Longhorn City", Texas? ? ?

I have family that acts like your brother - which drives me up the wall. At first I thought it was me writing this post. . . our worlds collide a lot, have you noticed that Princess? Anyhow, I still stand with your dad on this.

Have an AWESOME time - I'll be waiting for fab photos! Disney is great no matter the age! And, yes, it's been pretty sunny in Florida. Bring sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

first off it would depend on the time of year, but I think anyplace is cool.
If your brother doesnt want to go I will go instead????????
One of these days

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Disneyworld= the happiest place on earth.

Anonymous said...

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