Wednesday, April 15, 2009


For once, I can look at my life and think it's good without having to convince myself.

Even when in the midst of my depressiveness, I know that there's really nothing wrong and I don't actually have anything to complain about. So while I'm in this mood (sure to be temporary) I am going to make a list. Here are the reasons (some of them anyhow) that my life, as of this exact moment is fab:

1. Free trip to Florida for a week as of this Friday (without internet access *gasp*).
2. 3 fabulous guest posters in this coming week: AmyTree, Faiqa & Nat
3. New manicure and pedicure in honour of said trip- pedi perhaps a bit on the trashy/overtly pink side - but who cares, it's just polish!
4. Not so much on my to do list at either work or home that I can't handle it before I leave.
5. Although I live next to a river, my home did not flood.
6. I went to work in summer shoes without socks today! And just a little jacket. Spring!
7. The meeting that I had to chair in my boss's absence today ended early, and I didn't make a total idiot of myself!
8. I have not been attacked with a hatchet lately.
9. I have a mystery package to pick up from the UPS depot tomorrow - surprise for me!
10. I managed to write a list of 10 fabulous things!

What makes YOUR life fabulous right now?



Chief Rock Chef said...

Well reading that was pretty fabulous!

But overall, I am finding life very good right now, even if I do have exams coming up!

Have a great time in Florida!

Nat said...

I am getting to pollute your blog ...

I wondered how you were fairing with the flood.

delmer said...

Today it's almost 63 out and tomorrow it'll be 81. So, I'll be able to ride the bike without bundling up too much.

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