Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Princess's Good Friday...

Scene: At Princess's brother's house on Good Friday afternoon.

Princess's brother: Hey look at all the women who wrote to me on the "Are YOU interested" app on Facebook!
P: Uh huh. Oh hey! Look at her- she's hot, date her...
P's brother: so who are these people you're abandoning me at Disney to meet next weekend?
P: Britt and Hilly - you'll be fine. Our family is very nice you know. I've examined them very closesly since Dad married our stepmom 15 years ago. I think they're safe.
P: (logging into Twitter) *Sigh* "There's the boy of my dreams...there's my person..."
P's brother: what do the people you're meeting look like? Can I see them? Are they cute?
P: No. You can't see them. Go ask out the low cut top chick from the facebook app and leave my people alone.

Scene: Easter/Birthday dinner on Good Friday evening - the Princess and her family. Most of the talk is around the upcoming trip to Disney World next week.

Princess's stepmom: Who can name all the seven dwarfs? (Looking hopefully at the grandkids)
P: Happysleepysneezygrumpydopeybashfuldoc! *gasp for air looking proud of herself*
P's stepmom: Thanks Princess. Glad to see that you know them all. That was kind of directed to the kids.
P: (muttering to self) I bet they couldn't name them all that fast.
P's stepmom: Here open a present.
P: My birthday isn't until Sunday.
P's sm: Open it anyhow and shut up. (Looking at kids again) Now, who can name all seven dwarfs?

(This didn't really happen- but trust me, had she asked the question- it totally would have played out in the exact same way)

P's sm: OK, so some of us are going to "Fantasmic" and some aren't. We need to decide which night we're doing that.
P (in her head): "Fantasmic" sounds a lot like "Orgasmic." There's no way that can be a coincidence. Is this like that whole Urban legend about the castles in "the Little Mermaid" being phalluses, and the flower petals around Nala in "The Lion King" spelling out "sex"? This isn't going to end up being all awkward like the time I went to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with the parents is it? Cause that was just torture...

P (aloud): Ok, well I'm meeting some people on Sunday, so can we do this a different night? I don't know the time or anything yet.
P's step-sister: Yeah, who are these people you're meeting?
Other stepsister: Are you meeting a boy there?
P: No, I'm meeting women that I picked up on the internet.
(Princess flashing back to the day her stepmom discovered the angel tattoo on her back and asked "That's a woman! Is there something you have to tell us?")
P's sm: And how did you....find these women?
(Princess looks around and notices everyone except for her saint of a father looking very interested)
P: *sigh* Do you know what a blog is?
P's sm: Yes.
P: (in head "really?!") Ok well I have one.
P: And you leave comments on other peoples' blogs and they leave comments, and you talk and...whatever I'm meeting them on Sunday, kay?

Ya know - unless you blog, or read them on a regular basis, there's just no way to explain a blog-meet to people without it sounding either a) stupid or b) dangerous/foolish. Thankfully my family don't seem too interested in the whole thing other than teasing me a bit. I don't know whether to be hurt or relieved that they also don't seem to have much interest in reading the blog. Don't they know how important I am not on the internetz?!



Nat said...

LMAO... I was in journalism school back in 2003, we were practicing our interview skills and I was talking about my upcoming trip to Florida to meet up with a blogger.

He felt it dangerous, which would mean nothing, except he was a recovering drug addict who used to sell cocaine. Yeah... no clue.

Laura said...

Lol, yeah that's about how my family used to react when I said I was meeting up with a blogger, but they seem to have gotten used to the fact that I have blog friends that I like to meet up with sometimes now.

I say you should be relieved that they don't want to read your blog!

Backpacker momma said...

Yeah, meeting bloggers is scaaaarrrry business. I know Pat was horrified when I told him I was meeting Winnipeg's Royalty. ;)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Too funny! They will start looking out for signs that you are "that way" now!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha.ha.ha.. Yep.. no bloggy people just don't get it.

Glad you had a GREAT Bday!!

Becky said...

I could name the Seven Dwarfs. Without even having to think about it.

I hope you have a fabulous meet up with Hilly and Britt. And that your birthday was full of Jensen dreams:)

And, once again....THANK YOU for the surprise! It complete made my whole month.

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