Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Not Easy Being a (Disney) Princess!

I could totally write the longest re-cap post ever about my week in Disney World, but I suspect that all of you would be hitting "mark as read" within the first paragraph, so I'll spare you. How about a few highlights instead (and then we'll never speak of it again).

* Sunscreen? For the sun. And the sun? A LOT more potent down there. And guess what? You have to put it on more than once a day. And no you can't stop wearing it once you've already been burnt, cause the logic of "well I already got being burnt over with on Day ONE" isn't logical. The sun? Still there. Yes, it can get worse.

*Yes, the word "magical" does get old after the first day. But remember you're with children and don't be so cranky about it. It's part of the marketing plan, deal with it.

* Just cause you're a loser and would cheerfully go on the "It's a Small World" ride 20 times doesn't mean everyone else wants to. Don't pout.

* Britt and Hilly? Lovely and warm and gorgeous. You knew this about them. So when you send texts to people saying "what if they hate me?" Expect to get responses like: "well they just twittered where they're meeting you, so at least you know they won't be murdering you." (Thanks Becky!) **And Hilly? While perfectly sweet and kind in person, assures me that if I knew her better I would see the full-on snark (Can't wait until next time!) Britt? A rock star with asking questions to make people comfortable, and genuinely does like working with Adam. (In case you were wondering)

*Roller-coasters? Not your thing. At all. Like ever. Shocking what a baby suck you are. You went on Space Mountain and loved it when you were 17. How could you have to close your eyes for half the ride this time??? And for the record? Closing your eyes in a pitch black roller coaster? Not so helpful. Like at all. Ever.

*Must write a letter to Disney people. Do they actually train animals to just wander around the resort? That's taking idyllic to a whole new level. The number and variety of tame-ish birds that walked right up to your door is astonishing.

* The environment in Florida overall? Perfect. And though you may feel slightly traitorous to Manitoba for saying this - it's true. Allergy attacks? Non-existent. Sitting outside? Pleasant. Breezes. NO mosquitoes. Unheard of in this province.*When you're exhausted after one extended plane ride and have less than an hour to get to the appropriate gate and leave for your connecting flight? Maybe reconsider after wolfing down Mcdonald's in 2 minutes. Your last flight? Scary turbulent? Remember the roller coaster revelation? Some of us don't have the strongest stomach. This may result in you alternatingly thanking God all through the next flight that Winnipeg and Minneapolis are only an hour apart and cursing your stomach for not just throwing up and getting it over with already. Longest. 59 minutes. Ever.

* One week with only 10 minutes to check the internet once was bearable. But marginally. Must purchase plaptop.

* Outlet malls? Lovely for a very brief time. And only when they have a Skechers store. Too bad it's -3 here. Not quite sandals weather yet. Soon I'll get to show off my latest purchase.

And scene.

Thanks so much to my guest bloggers for holding down the fort while I was away. I loved ALL your posts.



AmyTree said...

Brilliant!!!! I'm so happy you had a grat time. :-)

(Excellent Flat Jess photo too!!)


Becky said...

I knew they'd love you!! I'm so happy that you had such a great time! And Winnipeg is only an hour flight from Minneapolis?!?! That means you're closer to me than I thought :)

delmer said...

The boys and I went to Disney last February. It was the best time.

I'm glad you had a good time.

(I don't know if that's your first trip to the US, but if it is you should know that ALL of the US is like that. As a matter of fact "It's a Small World" plays from speakers in all of our traffic lights.)

MissE said...

Is it wrong that I read the first of the highlights and laughed myself silly? I think it's that whole "being-Australian" thing - we have the "wear-sunscreen" shtick burned into us (no pun intended... well maybe a little) from a very young age. God, you should see the adverts we have over here about melanomas and why you should cover yourself up like some bedouhin(?) with t-shirt, hat, sunnies, and sunscreen as well as hide in the shade of a tree or big umbrella. (Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide - is the catchy ad campaign.)

Al that aside - sounds like you had a ball, Princess. YAY!

Anonymous said...

It was awesome meeting you and thank you again for the yummy cupcake mix! It's funny because I noticed that about Britt too...she is very good about asking people questions so yay her!

Kyla Roma said...

Sounds like a great time! My husband's sister works at Disney so whenever we go down we get the best of both worlds: family & an insiders guide to WDW.

I haven't been in so long though, I'll live through you in the mean time!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Glad you had a good time, and didn't get murdered or anything!

Welcome back!

Jen said...

Vacations go by too fast, don't they?

Sounds like you enjoyed it! Glad you returned safe and sound!

Nat said...

I remember going to Disneyland when I was 15 with my parents, and thinking to myself that if I had to spend more time there than we had, I'd probably have to kil myself.

However The Boy is there now, and really seems to love it. (Good thing he's done it once, we're not doing it again.)

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