Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Didn't Take Journalism...

OK, so far I've sent out 8 whole sets of interview questions.
Yeah, this is a WAY bigger project than anticipated, but I love it.

And my questions? Totally self-centred.

E.g questions:
What would you make ME for dinner when I come to visit?
What are you doing to entertain me when I show up unannounced on your doorstep?
When are you planning the next Great Canadian Blogger Meet-Up?

What do Americans really think of Canadians? (just curious)

I also noticed that I'm kind of bossy too:

M&M's or Smarties? Discuss.
Go say hi to my friend who lives next door to you OK?
Name a rat after me, OK?

Hmm...perhaps I should lose the tiara for a few days...



Janelle said...

I want to be interviewed! Is it too late?? Don't tell me it's too late :)

Crys said...

dude, smarties

the frog princess said...

I used to have a pet rat. His name was Basil, and he was awesome.

I could name a subway rat after you if you like... I talk to them on a daily basis :)

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