Friday, December 05, 2008

The Princess's Two Cents on some Pop Culture-ish Stuff...

I bet you think this is going to be another post about what I'm doing this weekend? Totally not!
Although, I have to admit that's tempting- because while I have nothing officially scheduled this weekend until Sunday night, I have a zillion and one administrative things to do, and I would love to whine about them. But yeah, like no one else has a lot to do before Christmas right? Whatev.

Nope, today this post is devoted to pop culture. Some things I've noticed of late on the radio/TV/movies etc etc that I think should have some sort of Princessy editorial added to it. (And lord knows I'm pretty late in the game on some of these - but nonetheless....)

First of all: Twilight. Now I have to say, I loved the books. Loved! And totally rushed out to see them movie the first weekend. And Miss Britt? She's having a contest, and she's giving away the series. Since I totally borrowed the books, I would love love love to win these. Oh and Miss Britt? She's so pretty.
And to all those of you who are either loving or hating the movie? Ugh, at least you didn't have to leave it halfway through. MUST get to the theatre to see the other half.

Second: Grey's Anatomy. I must confess, I tend to watch Grey's during the commericals of Supernatural (must get some sort of functioning recording device). But last night I caught the entire ep. Now I love love loved Denny. Was absolutely devastated when they killed him and then stalked him around TV land with an all-encompassing crush. But this? Seriously? Stupid.

Third: Rock Band? Guitar Hero? Wii? DDR? I could barely hop over the little mushrooms when Super Mario was the thing growing up, but now? I am a bloody rock star on Guitar Hero. I can do "Shout at the Devil" like no one's business. Uh, on easy of course. And I still don't get what that little lever on the side does or what all the way lines mean. But still? I'm so cool. And I totally need someone to invite me to a DDR party (Dance Dance Revolution for those of you less cool than me).

Uh, and apparently I'm so cool I can't think of anything else to make random commentary on right now. Perhaps I'll make this a recurring post, you know, when I think of more stuff...



the frog princess said...

ARGH! Don't get me started on this stupid Denny storyline... I've already ranted in someone else's comments section today.

And why did you have to leave halfway through the movie?

Jen said...

I am absolutely awful at DDR. I tried out for one of their "clubs" and was laughed at.

By a video game.

Loved the "Twilight" book series too as well as the 1st movie! Going again on Sunday.

Am no gamer myself, but would die to try Rock Band once in my life before I do actually die. Heard it's packed full of awesomey goodness!

MissE said...

ummmm - isn't Denny dead?

We haven't got the new season of "Grey's" yet... but feel free to spoil it for me.

And I have to wait until next week to see "Twilight" - darn it.

Nat said...

I am having a DDR party tonight. My buddy/airdresser Meghan is bringing her mats. The issue is that I need to tidy the basement. Fun no?

Anyway... if I can be totally 16 for a moment -- I am totally in love with both the boys from Supernatural. Totally hot.

Prunella Jones said...

I didn't like Twilight all that much, but I will say the guy who played Edward is definitely easy on the eyes. Hubba hubba.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I love the Wii, but I hate Guitar Hero etc. If you are going to put in all that effort to play a game, why not devote it to playing a real guitar?

Just a bet beef of mine! Sorry!

Alice said...

It is nice to know that I am not the only non teenager I know that is in love with Edward Cullen.... wish I was seventeen again, if he was real I would jump his bones.

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