Monday, December 29, 2008

Interview II

So I totally got interviewed again, cause I'm just THAT awesome. This time by the phenomenally amazing Sheila.

1. I only "know" three Canadians but you all are very awesome. Is this typical of those who hail from Canada or are you three just extraordinary?
Yeah, I'd say typical. It comes from being part of the commonwealth and being all polite and stuff. That and the fact that for the most part we feel pretty inferior (while at the same time having a superiority complex) so we over-compensate. But yeah, I'm pretty awesome aren't I?

2. LeSombre wants to educate me by introducing me to delicacies like beaver tail. Was he just pulling my leg or do you guys really eat things like that?
Ahem. You do know that he is not in fact going to be feeding you a tail of a beaver right? I won't ruin the surprise or anything, believe me, it's quite delish. But yeah- we got some cool stuff going on...poutine (which is rarely made properly - it's cheese curds people, not shredded mozzarella!), bannock, tourtiere, uhhh maple syrup.

3. You call yourself "Princess of the Universe". How did you decide upon this name for your blog?
Le sigh. It's soooo not interesting if you weren't there. Let's just say that I don't like competition, and proclaiming myself Princess of the "Universe" really eliminates the idea that anyone could be a more important Princess than I am. The thought has occurred to me though that if I ever go to some sort of Blogger convention, I'm going to feel like a real dumbass introducing myself with that name.

4. Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?
My Daddy. As far as I am concerned, he is the perfect voice of reason and wisdom. He is forever the voice in my head and I would be devastated to ever disappoint him. I was always Daddy's little girl, and have to admit, that him dying when I was 11 rather than my Mother would have created an even bigger need for therapy than I've already engaged in.

5. What is your favorite song? Movie? Book?
Song? Uh, it changes every week. At the moment I'm kind of in love with all things Pink. But my niece got "Sing It" for the Wii this past Christmas, so I have to admit, that this song has been in my head ever since (I have no idea who these people are):

Movie: Moulin Rouge
Book: Eek, just one? No can do, I gotta do a list: The Complete Works of Jane Austen (Who could pick just one Jane book?) Harry Potter (all), The Fionavar Tapestry

Now, as you know, there are rules for this interview. So if you want to be interviewed, let me know in the comments- but really, is there anyone in the bloggiverse that I haven't sent questions to yet?



Prunella Jones said...

Moulin Rouge is one of my favs too. Why won't Nicole go back to that hair color? She was so gorg. Not so much now with that white blonde frizz she's working.

WendyB said...

You picked the wrong name, you know, because I happen to be Empress of the Universe. Sorry!

Nat said...

Oh god, that song is going to be stuck in my head for days now. LOL.

Tampa Gal said...

Aly and Aj!
Love it!

FYI, I only know of them because my kid watches Disney..I know..I'm patetic! LOL

Janelle said...

I love all things Pink too! My favorite song at this moment of the day is "sober" by Pink. :)

AND I love the song on your post!

AmyTree said...

I'll be interviewed!! (Are the questions of your own devising?) Have lost interest in my own blog lately, so fire away!! x

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