Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Things are annoying. Including that sentence. I mean really? "Things?"

OK then, here's a list:

- I bought jeans on Sunday. Sunday. As in 2 days ago. I went down a size. This morning they were tight. I almost cried.

- The fact that I almost cried is annoying. I mean I'm eating rabbit food - the jeans will fit again tomorrow. Get over it.

- People who don't read the entire email then reply with a question that is answered IN THE EMAIL BELOW.

- People who have more holidays than I do.

- The fact that I am wearing a fleece at work today and was wishing that I'm wearing socks.

- The fact that the bracelet I'm wearing keeps hitting the desk with an annoying noise.

- The fact that 90% of my "To Do" list is un-doable because everyone is on holidays.

- The fact that work is paying me to go to Vancouver in a few weeks, but it's just day trip. So I will just have one REALLY LONG DAY. (PS do I have any readers in Vancouver? Wanna hang out in the airport with me?)

- I am currently watching Firefly on DVD. It ended after something like 14 episodes. It is brilliant. And hilarious. I do not generally LOL - yet I do frequently when watching this show.

- TWO photo radar tickets totalling over $400.00. I have never received a speeding ticket in my life. Suddenly I have 2.

- This post.

How about you? Any annoyances you feel like unloading? The forum is open.


L.L. said...

People in general annoy me.

Kyla Roma said...

Thankfully there isn't much that bothers me that Firefly & wine can't fix. Also? I think we're soul mates. Just as an aside lol =)

melissa said...

sinuses: especially when they can't decide whether they want to be stuffy or runny.

Sheila said...

I have a friend in Vancouver. I could give you her email address. She is really really awesome.

I hope things get less annoying for you soon!

Jess said...

My parents-in-law annoy me. But I won't get into that.

Prunella Jones said...

I'm annoyed by my body all the time. Why must it insist on needing sleep and demanding three meals a day? I'm freaking busy for crying out loud!

Ren said...

I, too, am watching Firefly (for the first time). I'm only through the first disc and I alternate with other shows from Netflix, so it'll take me a few weeks to get through them all, probably.

At least there's a movie to watch after that....

WendyB said...

Ooh, you covered some my personal annoyances. Thanks. Now I can take it easy.

Princess of the Universe said...

LL - me too, but that didn't seem specific enough for this post.

Kyla- I've often thought that about us ;)

Melissa- I sleep with those breathing strips- I hear ya.

Sheila - tempting- however I don't actually know if I'll have spare time or not. Thanks though!

Jess- Really? Does Torsten know?

Pru- OH yeah. I totally get you there.

Ren- is it not absolutely brilliant???

Wendy - Happy to be of service.

Kim S. Yee said...

I only have one comment on this post, and it's regarding your day trip to Van. I was actually commenting to my mother on the same thing when she flew home: you are travelling back in time. How freakin' cool is that?? A time travelling Princess. *grin*

delmer said...

Firefly was an incredible show.

Vancouver Airport is a nice one. And probably more so if you don't have to spend any time going through customs.

Floating Princess said...

The bracelet noise thing bothers me too and I don't wer them at work because of it.

I haven't seen Firefly but have heard so many food things about it that I need to add it to my Netflix.

My pet peeve of the day is people who drive like jerks. There seem to be a lot of them lately!

Oh and people who want something I can't give them, and then think that if they just hammer at me enough I'll somehow cough it up. Even though I don't have it. And won't have it. Ever.

Rock Chef said...

A day trip to Vancouver? That sucks! You at least need a long weekend...

I am on a real high at the moment and don't think I have anything that gets me annoyed right now!

How annoying is THAT!???

!??? - that is also annoying...

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