Sunday, August 09, 2009

Token Girliness

So the past few posts have been rather introspective (translation: no fun/downers) and I realized that things around here have been distinctly un-princessy lately- so I decided to girl things up a bit with a mini pictorial of my life.

Above? My fabulous pedi from last weekend. I still find it amazing that little wee flowers can be painted onto nails like that. It's so frivolous, yet sweet.

My person (AKA my bff) is also my personal decorator. I bought these flowers for my condo forever ago and then stared at the box in horror when I realized that I had to actually do something with them. I.e. putting a zillion holes in my wall to mount them. I decided that was way too much responsibility to take on - so I had her do it. Aren't they pretty?

Back when I thought I had a few dollars to spare (two photo radar tickets later, that is certainly NOT the case) I invested in some jewellery from a Stella and Dot party. So I got a lovely bracelet and earrings.

I also would like to celebrate the fact that I had a major milestone on the WW front: a pair of pants were officially too big to wear this week. AND I pulled off a pair of jeans without undoing them this weekend. Awesome.

I saw Julie & Julia on Friday. It made me hungry. And also inspired me to cook. Then I remembered that all I eat is vegetables- and based on how much they glorified butter in that movie - I really doubt that I would be taking on the same project. Perhaps I can cook my way through the Weight Watcher's cookbook. IS there a Weight Watcher's cookbook? One sec.

* * *

Ok. Yes there is. Anyone want to send me that since I'm all impoverished and stuff? I didn't think so. (There are apparently several cookbooks- so feel free to send me a different one if you like).

I got a message on one of the dating sites the other day- which reminded me of the fact that I actually have an account on said site. I really should be on there more often - they make for awesome blog fodder. Oh wait, I just remembered why I stopped for a while- cause I accidentally stumbled across my brother's profile. Not in a "hey this looks promising" kind of way- but just in a too-close-for-comfort kind of way.

In case anyone from Winnipeg is reading this- I would like you to step away from the reader for a moment and fill out the poll on the actual blog. It seems that I have some actual interest in a Winnipeg Blog Meet/Tweet-Up - so fill out the poll and let me know when and where works for you. It seems that my initial idea is the least popular idea so far. Good thing I set up the poll.

This is becoming suspiciously akin to a bullet post without actually claiming to be so. But at least I think I've covered girliness in most of its forms.

I trust you're all having a spectacular weekend lovies....



Anonymous said...

I saw Julie and Julie too this weekend. I enjoyed it. I would've rather been eating though.

MissE said...

Totally with you on the pulling off your jeans without undoing them moment. How utterly awesome a feeling is it!?!?!

The only downside is if I forget to wear a belt... and the jeans start making their way down my arse. Cos I'm too broke to buy new jeans right now... so I'm wearing the size too big ones.

But you know what? Not complaining. Cos WOOOO - getting rid of the weight is so amazing a feeling too.

All power to you, Princess!

MissE said...
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Kyla Roma said...

We should have gone to see Julie & Julia together! I'm excited to see it- if there isn't as much lobster murder as was in the book lol

Love the poll! I'm in Minneapolis over labor day but hopefully there will be another if that's when this goes down =)

Karen said...

Moments of girlishness are great. Love the toes!

harmzie said...

I have those flowers in white for my bathroom, because I saw them at my hair salon & loved them. But I have not put them up because I'm intimidated by the stupid things.

But they look lovely! Maybe I'm just inspired enough to take a stab (snarf!) at it.

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