Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Still Suck at Non-Dating

As some of you may have noticed on twitter, I had a wee bit of a girly episode the other day.

I had a completely innocuous email from internet boy and didn't know what to do with it. It responded to what I had just said, yet didn't engage me or ask any questions or anything. I didn't know how to respond because really? The topic was done.

Now you may be asking how long this has been going on. Well we've been e-talking for about 3 weeks now. I don't know if that's short or average or forever or what. But as much as I know that I will be having a 15 year-old-worthy freak-out when it comes time to meet, I was done with the ambiguity.

So, instead of asking more questions, or carrying on with a now dull topic, I decided to just put it out there. Do you want to meet? Is your interest waning? Cause if so, it's cool- but let me know.
I was MUCH more flowery and poetic than that. I used the word "perfunctory." And mentioned George Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

I was eloquent.
Or possibly pushy.

I sent off the email and toddled off to bed, feeling girlishly justified in having possibly killed the non-relationship.
For some reason he always responds sometime between 12:41 and 12:49 AM each day.
I'm long asleep by that hour.

I rushed to my email the next morning and saw that he had responded.
Then closed webmail and finished getting ready.

I went to work and opened the email again.
Yup, it was still there.

Throughout the course of the morning I continued to check. Yes, the email remained.

Of course if I never actually opened it, then it would be like he had never actually ended the non-relationship right?
(Because of course by then I was regretting the message and had thoroughly convinced myself that up until I totally screwed it up, he was obviously meant to be the father of my children.)

So I tweeted about how I was too freaked out the read the email.
And of course received a plethora of offers to read it for me from my person, Sheila, Le Sombre, Kyla, Becky....
I have such supportive friends. Not one of them told me to just put on my big girls panties and just do it.

It was then discussed that Sheila and LeSombre should read it amongst themselves, hi-jack my blog, possibly post the message and discuss from each of their points of view.

For the sake of my blog, I must confess that I was very tempted to do all of this. Forward the messages, let my blog be hi-jacked etc. I mean just because I'm destined to be single until I die, doesn't mean that I don't have an obligation to be entertaining to my readers, right?

It was now lunch time, so I phoned my person and gave her my email password. She opened it up and started laughing. Assuming that she actually had somesemblanceofconcernformyfeelings I interpreted that as a good sign.

I will in fact post his initial response to the message:

yeah, whatever.
Internet Guy


Next line:
I'm kidding of course.
I'd love to meet.

Now my person refused to read me the entire message over the phone, but I was at least placated to the point where I was capable of reading the whole thing myself.

Apparently we are to meet next week. Perhaps this week he is already too busy meeting other women?

So. I am both relived and chagrined by my own girliness.
And quite possibly just ridiculously a little disappointed that I couldn't do the blog hi-jack thing.

Tune in next week when I freak out about what the hell to wear when I meet him.



Elle Bee... said...

Non-dating sucks. I'm so glad he still wants to meet... I love your reaction to getting a reply, so adorable. I'm very 3rd grade with my own dating habits though. "Do you like me, yes or no?"

Perhaps you need a "what will I wear on my date" poll... with pictures?

Lynda said...

Even if he is meeting other women this week, you are totally going to WOW him. So, don't worry about that.

I am glad he wants to meet you! Good luck!

WendyB said...

It's nice that he wants to meet you but do you want to meet a guy who made that incredibly unfunny "joke"? Maybe he's better in person but really....

Jack said...

This kind of stuff makes for great blog fodder now doesn't it.

Sheila said...

YAY!! I'm so glad that you're going to meet.

He is going to be totally floored by your insane awesomeness. I know this because I know everything dammit so don't contradict me fool!



Nat said...

Oh excitement on the boy front...

FTR, the mom in me would have told you to suck it up and read it.

Kyla Roma said...

lol I'm glad that you get to meet him and that he was cool rather than the alternative =)

Have a great time!

Becky said...

He is going to be amazed by you. No doubts about it. And if he isn't, then he's just plain stupid and none of like him anyway ;-)

And you should wear red shoes. I don't know why, but you should.

Rock Chef said...

I'm with Becky on the red shoes.

But whatever you wear you are gonna knock him dead. I mean, what is wrong with Canadian guys? I girl like you should be fighting them off with a baseball bat!

Faiqa said...

"Of course if I never actually opened it, then it would be like he had never actually ended the non-relationship right?"

Annd, I just snorted water out of my nose laughing at that. I do not snort, so, you know,... that was damned funny.

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