Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dodging Bullets...

So when I first started this blog almost 2 years ago, when I was having an ultra bad day I would post up all the happy things going on in an effort to cheer myself up. (And thereby keeping up the illusion that this blog was my "Happy place.")

Today I am stressed and overwhelmed, and still upset about some things that happened last week (which I haven't mentioned on here...happy! happy!)

So yeah, here's a bullet list of happy things going on around me, let's see if this still works on cheering me up:

  • I have yummy leftovers in the fridge for dinner tonight.
  • I saw My person and baby on Saturday and it was lovely.
  • I am going to see D2 this coming Saturday - it's been about 3 months since I last saw him.
  • I got a delivery notice yesterday for a letter, which I am assuming means my passport has arrived- so I can now travel across borders legally - which one of my not-so-Canadian bloggy friends wants to invite me over?
  • I am not pregnant.
  • I am not dying.
  • I have a full tank of gas.
  • My hair looks OK today.
  • The Monday work deadline that was totally freaking me out has been extended to February.
  • I have prepared cookie dough in the fridge all ready for baking tonight. (Let me know if you want some and I'll Express Post you some chocolate chip cookies!)
  • My pom pom boots have only untied themselves twice today (so far).
  • Supernatural starts again this week (mmmm Jensen....)
Uh yeah, that's all I've got. And I'm not sure it's enough. What have YOU got? Tell me one happy thing.

PS - Anyone want a bloggy Valentine? Not the Life I Ordered has a fabulously inspired idea!



PinkPiddyPaws said...

If you want to come visit the sprawling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia with your pretty passport come on down!! ;)

One happy thing, huh?
The barista at Starbucks said that he thinks I should sing professionally. I have NO idea..he just got this spacey look on his face and blurted it out. It was weird. I think the Cosmos is up to something today and it seems to want good things for me. That's happy!


Alice said...

Even though I am Married, guys still flirt with me. I have 2 customers tell me that I look pretty today and 1 of them brought me lunch. By the way you can come to Saint Louis, MO and see me anytime.

Friendly Manitoban said...

I would like some cookies :)

Nat said...

Supernatural! Supernatural! Supernatural!!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

I don't think that cookies would survive the journey :-(

My last post was about happiness, so I won't repeat myself here, but you said it made you happy. You could always go shopping with Ali and sing your way around the stores to see if people make way for you!

Glamourpuss said...

I'm sorry you're having a crappy time, dearie. Happy? Erm. I just ate pizza - that always makes me happy - if fat. Oh, and I think it is amazing and fabulous that you make cookies.


Becky said...

I came over here cause I like the comments you leave on Sheila's blog. Then I find out that you love Jensen, too! AND you make cookies...I think I'm in heaven:)

I hope that you're able to sort through what's going on. Have a great night!

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