Sunday, January 11, 2009

Honesty is Way Tiring...

So the absolutely lovely Alice, from Mindless Ramblings of a 26 Year Old gave me this award - isn't it pretty?

The rules are that you must give 10 honest things about yourself and then nominate some others (I think 7) and then they do the same. I think the point is to nominate very "honest" blogs.

Now, with the exception of perhaps playing up my girliness just a wee bit, this whole blog is honest. I don't ever lie or misrepresent myself on here. My feelings are my feelings, and even if it makes me look bad, I'm not going to tell a story in a way other than what really happened. So, to qualify the below as "honest" seems a bit unnecessary to me, but who am I to complain about the rules?

So - Ten Things:

1. Regarding this blog - sometimes I think that if I was a bit more "ranty" I would get more readers. I see a lot of the more popular blogs that swear a lot and go off on tangents about - well it seems like everything. But I'm concerned that if I start doing that on here, it's going to spill over to life, and suddenly I'll turn into one of those people that in general make me pretty angry. They can't seem to shut up about things that piss them off, and how the world is so unfair. Ugh, I far prefer to accept responsibility for what makes me unhappy in life, kind of just let the rest go. It seems a lot less heart attack-inducing.

2. My back has been hurting for the past week. I have been having some beautiful fantasies about a hotstone massage. I'm debating about spending the money, because I know I should be saving for my Florida trip in April, and I still have to pay off my credit card...

3. I don't drink coffee. And only occasionally drink tea. Nor do I smoke or really drink. I am concerned that I have an unnatural addiction to fountain Diet Pepsi/Coke (with cherries). I have a craving for it every day. I think it comes from eating out too much. I really need to cook at home more.

4. I tried to bake some chocolate chip cookies for My Person and her DH yesterday. Fail. I seem to think that I'm the best baker next to Betty Crocker, yet I sometimes wonder if people aren't just humouring me.

5. You know how a lot of dating sites have 3 categories? "Dating" "Relationship" and something along the lines of "Booty Call"? I put myself into category 3 for a couple of months, it was hilarious enough that I don't regret doing it, but I am in awe with how many men are willing to be much more aggressive and spend money to have full memberships just to get sex, as opposed to finding something more meaningful. I may have to go off on a series of posts about what I've learned about humanity from that brief experience. I have since taken my profile down, as I expected I would.

6. There is no way I'm writing 10 things about myself here.

7. Yup, I think this is the last thing: I'm really hungry right now. I think I'm going to do some combination of eggs, hashbrowns and toast. And then my cupboard is pretty much empty. Good thing I'm going to the parents' for dinner tonight. That should guarantee me some leftovers.

Nominations: Of honest bloggers? Well let me qualify this with: if I don't nominate you, it by no means implies that I think you're lying!

1. Miss Britt
2. Glamour Puss
3. Sheila
4. Chief Rock Chef
5. Amber
6. Soap Box Princess
7. Karl

All these bloggers really put their lives out there for the world to see - the good, the bad, the hilarious.



Anonymous said...

The ranty thing is an interesting topic, actually.

I rant quite a bit on my blog but then dial it back when I feel like that is all I am doing. I got to this place last summer where everything was coming at me at once so when I allowed myself to get pissy on my blog, it came out in real life too. However, I feel that was truly situational and after witnessing certain people that are ALWAYS that bitchy in real life, my eyes were opened and I toned it down.

Now...I feel like if I rant, hold the post for a day, then go back and check my grammar (hahaha), I'm fine. I think it is all about balance.

Jen said...

I, too, think we have far too many ranters on cyberspace and life in general. I agree with you - no need to have it spill onto our blogs and overtake our lives. I like you just the way you are!

Princess of the Universe said...

Hilly- I don't consider your blog to be ranty - I mean we all have moments, but there are some people who seem to ONLY do that...

Jen- Awww, thanks honey, you're the sweetest! xo

James said...

Personally I always thought Teresas is the most honest blog I have ever come across in terms of no subject being too delicate..

Nat said...

Evidently you think I'm lying phhhhttt!!! I think it's because I'm from Ottawa and your jealous about our skating rink. :)

Seriously though, I hear you on the rants. I try to keep them funny, but I'm not sure it works. I hear you on those angry people...

Chief Rock Chef said...

Point number 1 about men - they will do just about anything if it will definitely get them some sex.

Thanks for the nomination! I will do this very soon!

Glamourpuss said...

I'm with you on the negativity thing - there's enough of that in the world. Thank you for the nomination. And yes, some men will go to extraordinary lengths to get a shag. Saddos.


Princess Pointful said...

I do the same thing as #1... I get so many more when I do comical rants, like about jerks on the bus, but not when I have a serious rant (e.g., about family) or if I write something positive. I really am trying to actively write about what I want to write about, though-- not ranting unless I really, really want to!

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