Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inane Phone and Text Conversations...

The Scene:
9:30 PM Tuesday night
Princess is cuddled up in bed, PJ’s on, with a trashy Nora Roberts novel that her Dear Anon insisted she just HAD to read.

Text message annoying sound

Princess: (in head) Where the #$#&%@!^ is my cell phone?! That thing’s gonna keep beeping until I acknowledge it. How do I turn off that @#@#%&*^ feature?

Text from My Dear Anon: We need to c a movie this weekend
In Princess’s Head: Bossy!
Text from Princess: I’m free on Friday
P's head: Because I have no life apparently
Text: MDA: Cool r u good to c a 3d movie
Text: P: What movie?

Phone rings

P: I’m in bed!
MDA: I didn’t want to type it out

P’s head: why not? I’m the one incapable of abbreviating anything. I so need to learn txt speak!

P: So??
MDA: My Bloody Valentine
P: 3d horror. Cool.
P: So what's it about?
MDA: I don't know
P: Who’s in it?
MDA: No one.
MDA: No wait! I mean Dean Morgan is in it!
P’s head: really?! He’s so dreamy! Wait a minute
P: No he’s not.
MDA: I’m totally gonna tell you that everytime I want to convince you to see a movie now.

Imaginary scenario in theatre:

P: When do I get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

P’s head: He’s so dreamy. I love Denny. I mean until he started have ghosty sex all the time. Wtf is up with that? Why does he want Izzy anyways? He should love ME. Oh wait. Imaginary characters. Nevermind.

MDA: Well…he only has a cameo in this movie. If you blink you might miss him.


MDA: There! Did you see him?! Oh. He’s gone.
P: Where? Where?

P’s head: I’m totally telling her that Jet Li is in the next girly chick movie that I want to drag her to. That’ll show her. (FYI- she luuurrrves Jet Li. Don't know why we're friends really)

So, even though I know absolutely nothing about this movie, and My Dear Anon had NO info either, apparently we're going to see it. Cause it's horror. And 3D.

We're cool that way.


Becky said...

Thanks for your comment:) Let me know if its a good movie, its on my list of "wanna see's". There's nothing better than a good horror movie!

MissE said...

Isn't that the one that Jensen Ackles is in?

Princess of the Universe said...

OMG!! It does!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I should have given my Dear Anon more credit - maybe she meant Jensen!!!!!!

Jen said...

Princess, I have no idea of what just went on, but I love's you!

Have a great rest of the week!

Chief Rock Chef said...

That was hilarious!

"You missed him!"

Maybe it is time to confess -


Glamourpuss said...

Ew. Horror. I'm too much of a pussy to watch horro movies and I think a 3D one would be a bridge too far; you are brave!


PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..haha.... I'm supposed to see that with Mr. Hair. He promised me he'd wait and see it with me. If he doesn't come to ATL, does that mean I never get to see it? ..pout..pout...

Anonymous said...

Im so happy to be seeing that movie with you tommorrow!!!1

Sorry if my txt was to bossy, hard to add emotions on those things!!!1


Princess Pointful said...

Oooh! Projectile blood coming at you-- exciting!
I love having the Princess' snarky brain talk along with the real conversation!

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