Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sun'll Come Out.....

So I really need to decide, is this going to be a girly lollipop blog, or a depression blog?
Apparently it's the Dissociative Identity blog....

So, as happens so often in life, when one hits a significant low, the next day is glorious.

Now I can't say that anything earth shattering happened to me yesterday, I didn't suddenly win the lottery and meet the man of my dreams. But a series of small things happened that subtly reminded me that life is full of surprises. One simply cannot wake up and predict everything that will happen between that moment, and the moment one goes to sleep that night.

I was prepared to go to a series of meetings yesterday. My workday was essentially booked from 8:30 - 2:30. I was pleased with this because the types of meetings on the schedule were relatively relaxing and interesting. This was not to be.

I arrived to find out that the first meeting had been cancelled and that as a result of the federal budget being announced the afternoon before, I had to prepare a report for a meeting a few hours later. Now this was not interesting in and of itself. However, what struck me after I did said report was this: had such a circumstance been described as commonplace in the job description, I most likely would not have applied.

I hate politics. I would have felt myself ill-qualified to analyze a government document. And it would have terrified me to know that such a thing was expected of me with so little time to prepare, and for a meeting of such importance.

So I did it. And it was fine. And I didn't panic.

What is noteworthy in the above three lines is not the fact that it was fine. What's noteworthy is the fact that I didn't work myself up into a state. It was asked of me. I did it. I moved on to other things.

I can do this job. Even if it involves analysis of federal budgets. Even if it has last second demands. Even if I might not know what I'm doing. I am resourceful.

Subtle. But good.

I came home last night to discover that I had double booked myself. I am seeing a friend fight at the Convention Centre next weekend. Now I may be morally opposed to fighting but a) him and more importantly his wife are very good friends of mine, so I choose to be supportive b) he is quite honestly the most beautiful creature on God's green earth and I am totally OK seeing him with a shirt off c) I get a pink t-shirt proclaiming that I am part of his team of groupies. Awesome.

However, when I phoned to cancel scrapbooking (the double-booking part) with my step-sister, my niece answered the phone. She was overjoyed. At age 9 1/2 she was finally getting her own email address! So she has been emailing me off and on ever since. It's absolutely delightful.

Again? Subtle. But lovely.

When I checked my mailbox last night I found a package in there. Weird. Not a bill or a flyer, but an honest to goodness package. It was a free wallet from Espe. I had emailed them last week to point out a design flaw with a bag that I had purchased months ago. I love the company and will absolutely keep buying their products, but I thought they should know that this one thing wasn't such a great idea on their bags. Anyhow, to thank me they sent me a free wallet. So everyone? Go check out their site and maybe buy something. They are a lovely company with beautiful and whimsical products.

And then of course my person called me. It seems with the new baby, her and her DH have decided that they need to institute meal plans. She told me everything they were having for dinner in the next 14 days, told me to pick my favourite and come over for dinner.

Uh huh. They just had a baby and they're offering to feed me. I'm an awesome friend. The most I've brought over to them are doughnuts. And what's even more awesome? I'm totally going to take advantage of this offer and eat their food. That'll show them! (uh and maybe I'll bring a casserole and some cookies for them to eat too)

So depression? Suicidal thoughts? I kick you in the knees (if you had knees). I refuse to acknowledge you. Life can be and frequently is wonderful. Between 9 year old emails, and free food and all the glorious messages I've received in the past few days from the bloggiverse, life is good.



WendyB said...

There's a reason for that expression "it's darkest just before dawn." Glad you're having a "dawn" day.

Becky said...

YAY!! My "no more icky thoughts" dance really would've cracked you up had you seen me do it:)

I love seeing the little things in my day. Its what makes getting out of bed worth it! Here's to a great day tomorrow! Hugs.

The Duchess said...
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Princess of the Universe said...

Wendy- I knew the appropriate expression was in there somewhere thanks!

Becky- Aww, I wanna see it - can you do a video post???

Dee said...

Honey--It is your blog! Be you! We love you no matter what you blog about. ~~Dee

Crys said...

oh baby, we all have Dark Nights of the Soul. if we didn't, we wouldn't be human.

this blog is whatever you'd like it to be. look at me? at turns i am articulating my wish to arbitrarily kill everyone, and in the next breath talking about auras, Jesus or the real meaning of life.

humans are complicated creatures. you, my dear, are exceptional even among we, the mundane.

peace to you --- at all times.

MissE said...

Don't you love it when the universe does that to you? Just when you're thinking things couldn't get any darker in your heart and mind if they tried, something turns you around and the dark stuff loses its hold.

It's what keeps me going.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Way to go, Princess! What a way to end the week!

Have a great weekend!

Psychgrad said...

I'm glad that yesterday was a better day. I hope today is too. I find going through my blog to happier posts is a good way of remembering that despite feeling really low some days (and feeling like things will never get better), other days are good.

Alice said...

glad u were having a good day xoxoxo...I will have to check that website out

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